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Integraph - Invented by Bruno-abakanowicz

: Bruno-abakanowicz (Know about Bruno-abakanowicz)
: 1880
: Lithuania
: Instruments

About Invention

An Integraph is an instrument used in mathematics for plotting the integral of a graphically defined function.

An integraph consists of a rectangular carriage which moves left to right on rollers, two sides of which run parallel to the x axis on the Cartesian plane. The other two sides are parallel to the y axis. Along the trailing vertical (y axis) rail, slides a smaller carriage holding a tracing point. Along the leading vertical rail slides a second smaller carriage to which is affixed a small, sharp disc, which rests and rolls (but does not slide) on the graphing paper. It will not rotate about its point of contact with the paper. The trailing carriage is connected both with a point in the center of the carriage and the disc on the leading rail by a system of sliding crossheads and wires, such that the tracing point must follow the disc's tangential path.

Bruno Abakanowicz is widely credited as inventor of Integraph which changed the dimensions of modern mathematics. It can be considered as an instrument which is used in different fields but most especially in mathematics. Its function is to plot an integral of any of the functions in mathematics which are graphically designed. It was invented for the first time in the year of 1880 by Bruno and later on, it saw much diversity. The Integraph is a kind of instrument which consists of rollers. It has a carriage which is rectangular in shape and this carriage moves from sides left to right on the rollers of the graph. The other two sides of the roller work on the axis X of plate in parallel format. While on the other hand, the remaining two sides just belong to Y axis. Plotting the integral by this instrument simply changed the field of mathematics and converted it to an easy task.


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