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Education Ministries by Continent

Author : Merlin Vimal
20th February 2017

A national or subnational government department politically responsible for education is termed as Education Ministry. It is present in several countries across the globe. These education ministries are the lead advisors for the Government..


Get Educational events updates

Author : Merlin Vimal
15th February 2017

Educational events are organized in schools, colleges and other education institutes for different purpose such as to create awareness, expose the talents of students, improve skills, state about beneficiaries in certain fields, reward..


Get details of books on various categories

Author : Merlin Vimal
13th February 2017

Books play a vital role in our life starting from our childhood to old age as it is a knowledge resource and a best companion. When you consider education life cycle, we start preferring books before a child enters schooling till the..


Know about various sports details

Author : Merlin Vimal
10th February 2017

Many people enjoy watching sports as they consider it as an entertainment that gives them relaxation and refreshment. Sport is an activity that involves physical skills and efforts which is undertaken in competitive manner to achieve..


Popular Inventions and Inventors

Author : Merlin Vimal
09th February 2017

Knowing about popular inventors and their inventions is important for students, teachers and others which will be useful in various circumstances of daily life. Inventors are who invent, discover, find, create, formulate, design and..


Know about famous awards and awardees

Author : Merlin Vimal
06th February 2017

Award is a great reward given to recognize the effort, dedication and determination of a person, a group or an organization and to certify their excellence in a certain field. It is important to know about various types of awards and..


Post your Educational Products online

Author : Merlin Vimal
03rd February 2017

Are you an educational products supplier?Do you want to sell your educational products online?Are you not aware of the platform to start?Here I would like to tell you about a right platform to post your educational products which is..


Post your Educational Consultancy for Free

Author : Merlin Vimal
01st February 2017

Are you running an educational consultancy?The leading educational information portal Edubilla is the right place for you. You can post your educational consultancy for free and provide basic details, branches, services, facilities..


Post your Educational Institutions for Free

Author : Merlin Vimal
26th January 2017

Dear Educators, Educationists and Educationalists,Are you running an educational institution like school, college, technical institute or training centre?Hope you have been recognized as a good institution by many with your features..


Tamil literature books

Author : Merlin Vimal
23rd January 2017

Tamil is the oldest literature in India which has a rich and long literary tradition spanning more than two thousand years. The language also has strong and vibrant modern literary tradition. It has gained popularity not only in Tamil..