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Bicycle lighting - Invented by Konosuke Matsushita

Konosuke Matsushita-Bicycle lighting
: Konosuke Matsushita (Know about Konosuke Matsushita)
: N/A
: Japan
: Electrical & Electronics

About Invention

Bicycle lighting is illumination attached to bicycles whose purpose above all is, along with reflectors, to improve the visibility of the bicycle and its rider to other road users under circumstances of poor ambient illumination. A secondary purpose is to illuminate reflective materials such as cat's eyes and traffic signs. A third purpose may be to illuminate the roadway so that the rider can see the way ahead. Serving the latter purposes require much more luminous flux and thus more power.

Konosuke Matsushita is a japanese inventor, best products was his invention of a more efficient battery-powered bicycle lamp. During the 1920s, bicycle lamps were either powered by candles or by oil-burning lamps. These types of lamps were highly inefficient as they usually only lasted for three-hours. He created an oval lamp that used a battery for power and a lightbulb for illumination. He had to personally market his products to retail bicycle shops. The early years of the company were difficult and he once had to pawn his wife's kimono when he found himself short on money.


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