Table Tennis World Cup

Table Tennis World Cup

Started Year
: 1980
: Table Tennis
Current Champion
: Zhang Jike

History Of Table Tennis World Cup

The 7 World Championship trophies, the highest tributes to excellence in our sport. These Cups have been hoisted high by the Champions of Champions, the elite of our sport. Doubtless there are many stories behind each of the sacred Cups, the sweat of incredibly hard and dedicated work to earn them, the tears of joy on the podium when dreams came true ... and the inspirational play, delighting fans worldwide for over 80 years. The Cups are held by the winning Table Tennis Association, and returned for the next World Championships. Let's look at the history of each of these Crown Jewels of Table Tennis.

Swaythling Cup for Men's Team:

Donated in 1926 byLady Baroness Swaythling, mother of the first ITTF President, Ivor Montagu.

Corbillon Cup for Women's Team: 

Donated in 1933 by Marcel Corbillon, President of the French Table Tennis Association. The German women's team won the Cup in 1939, but the original Cup disappeared during Berlin occupation after World War II. The Corbillon Cup is now a replica made in 1949.

St. Bride Vase for Men's Singles: 

Donated in 1929 by C.Corti Woodcock, member of the exclusive St. Bride Table Tennis Club in London. After Fred Perry of England won the title in Budapest.

Geist Prize for Women's Singles: 

Donated in 1931 by Dr. Gaspar Geist, President of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association.

Iran Cup for Men's Doubles: 

First presented at the 1947 World Championships by the Shah of Iran.

W.J. Pope Trophy for Women's Doubles: 

Donated in 1948 by the ITTF Honorary General Secretary W.J. Pope.

Heydusek Cup for Mixed Doubles: 

Donated in 1948 by Zdenek Heydusek, Secretary of the Czechoslovakia Association.

Egypt Cup:

Egypt Cupis presented to the next host of world championships. The Cup was donated by King Farouk of Egypt in 1939, when the championships was held in Cairo, Egypt.

Table Tennis World Cup Archieve

Men's singles

1980,China Guo Yuehua

1981,Hungary Tibor Klampár

1982,China Guo Yuehua

1983,Sweden Mikael Appelgren

1984,China Jiang Jialiang

1985,China Chen Xinhua

1986,China Chen Longcan

1987,China Teng Yi

1988,Poland Andrzej Grubba

1989,China Ma Wenge

1990,Sweden Jan-Ove Waldner

1991,Sweden Jörgen Persson

1992,China Ma Wenge

1993,Croatia Zoran Primorac

1994,France Jean-Philippe Gatien

1995,China Kong Linghui

1996,China Liu Guoliang

1997,Croatia Zoran Primorac

1998,Germany Jörg Roßkopf

1999,Belarus Vladimir Samsonov

2000,China Ma Lin

2001,Belarus Vladimir Samsonov

2002,Germany Timo Boll

2003,China Ma Lin

2004,China Ma Lin

2005,Germany Timo Boll

2006,China Ma Lin

2007,China Wang Hao

2008,China Wang Hao

2009,Belarus Vladimir Samsonov

2010,China Wang Hao

2011,China Zhang Jike

2012,China Ma Long

2013,China Xu Xin

2014,China Zhang Jike

Women's singles:

1996,China Deng Yaping

1997,China Wang Nan

1998,China Wang Nan

2000,China Li Ju

2001,China Zhang Yining

2002,China Zhang Yining

2003,China Wang Nan

2004,China Zhang Yining

2005,China Zhang Yining

2006,China Guo Yan

2007,China Wang Nan

2008,China Li Xiaoxia

2009,China Liu Shiwen

2010,China Guo Yan

2011,China Ding Ning

2012,China Liu Shiwen

2013,China Liu Shiwen

2014,China Ding Ning

Men's doubles

1990- Kim Taek-Soo,South Korea Yoo Nam-Kyu

1992-Kim Taek-Soo,South Korea Yoo Nam-Kyu

Women's doubles:

1990-Hong Cha-Ok,South Korea Hyun Jung-Hwa

1992-Deng Yaping,China Qiao Hong