Archery World Cup

Archery World Cup

Started Year
: 2015
: Archery
Current Champion
: Brady Ellison,Aída Román, Bridger Deaton, Sara López

History Of Archery World Cup

The Archery World Cup is a competition, started in 2006, organized by the World Archery Federation, where the archers compete in four different stages in four different countries and the best eight archers of each category (from 2010, four archers from 2006-09) advance to an additional stage to contest the Archery World Cup Final. This form of competition was introduced following the success of the 2003 World Archery Championships in New York and the 2004 Summer Olympics with the intent of making the sport more popular and attractive to the spectators, with the matches being held in 'spectacular' locations and the final matches being broadcast online.[1] It has received plaudits for its innovative approach to the sport, raising its profile and reach.

From 2013, the World Cup is broadcast live on Eurosport.[3] It carries sponsorship from Kia and Longines, which supports the annual Longines Prize of Precision for archery, for the "best male and female athletes that master bow and arrow through concentration, balance, accuracy, and skill"

Prize money:

In the World Cup Finals the prize money for the individual competitions in 2013 was:[5]

-1st place: 20,000 CHF

-2nd place: 10,000 CHF

-3rd place: 5,000 CHF

-4th place: 1,000 CHF

For each individual World Cup stage, the prize money offered for individual competitions in 2013 was:

-1st place: 2,000 CHF

-2nd place: 1,000 CHF

-3rd place: 500 CHF

Archery World Cup Archieve



2006-Park Kyung-mo

2007-Baljinima Tsyrempilov

2008-Im Dong-hyun

2009-Marco Galiazzo 

2010-Brady Ellison

2011-Brady Ellison 

2012-Kim Woo-jin

2013-Oh Jin-hyek

2014-Brady Ellison


2006 Zhang Juanjuan 

2007 Dola Banerjee 

2008 Justyna Mospinek 

2009 Kwak Ye-ji 

2010 Yun Ok-hee 

2011 Cheng Ming 

2012 Ki Bo-bae 

2013 Yun Ok-hee 

2014 Aída Román 

Mixed Team:

2009-Zhao Ling,Xing Yu

2010-Jung Dasomi,Oh Jin-hyek

2012-Jennifer Nichols,Brady Ellison

2013-Yun Ok-hee,Oh Jin-hyek

2014-Aída Román,Eduardo Vélez



2006 Reo Wilde 

2007 Jorge Jimenez 

2008 Dietmar Trillus 

2009 Sergio Pagni 

2010 Sergio Pagni 

2011 Rodger Willet, Jr

2012 Braden Gellenthien 

2013 Martin Damsbo 

2014 Bridger Deaton 


2006Sofia Goncharova 

2007 Petra Ericsson 

2008 Jamie van Natta 

2009 Luzmary Guedez 

2010 Albina Loginova 

2011 Erika Anschutz 

2012 Jamie van Natta 

2013 Alejandra Usquiano 

2014 Sara López 

Mixed Team:

2009-Camilla Soemod,Martin Damsbo

2010-Nicky Hunt,Chris White

2011-Christie Colin,Rodger Willet, Jr

2012-Christie Colin,Reo Wilde

2013-Pascale Lebecque,Pierre Julien Deloche

2014-Erika Jones,Bridger Deaton