Paintball World Cup Asia

Paintball World Cup Asia

Started Year
: 2015
: Paintball
Current Champion
: Division 1 – Team Xtioneers,Division 2 – Team Republic CMX,Division 3 – Team Duckside,Division 4 – Team Kucha Lana

History Of Paintball World Cup Asia

  • The Paintball World Cup Asia is the largest paintball tournament in the entire Asia and Asia Pacific region, recognized by international paintball bodies as the biggest paintball event in Asia.
  • The first paintball World Cup Asia was held on 8–10 December 2006, with 54 Malaysian and 36 international teams.
  • Since then, the World Cup Asia has grown - the World Cup Asia 2009 was held on the 19–22 November, and saw 120 teams from a multitude of countries, including France, UK, US, Guam, UAE, Iran, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, India, and Malaysia.
  • The World Cup Asia is recognized and supported by the Millennium Series in Europe - teams that win the World Cup Asia are automatically qualified to compete in the Millennium Series.

Paintball World Cup Asia Archieve

2013 Season Overall Winners

  • Division 1 – Team Xtioneers
  • Division 2 – Team Republic CMX
  • Division 3 – Team Duckside
  • Division 4 – Team Kucha Lana