Dressage World Cup

Dressage World Cup

Started Year
: 1985
: Dressage
Current Champion
: Helen Langehanenberg

History Of Dressage World Cup

The Reem Acra FEI World Cup Dressage is an annual international dressage series involving the world's best dressage horses and riders. It has been held since 1985.


The history of the Dressage World Cup is closely connected to the history of the Grand Prix Freestyle. In 1984 Joep Bartels (former rider, husband of Tineke Bartels and father of Imke Schellekens-Bartels) saw Reiner Klimke and Ahlerich the flying one tempi changes to the Olympic hymn at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Inspired by this, he thought of a freestyle dressage competition.

First Dressage World Cup:

One year later, the first Dressage World Cup was held. Each qualifier for the World Cup Final, which is held at the end of each season, consists of two competitions (Grand Prix de Dressage and Grand Prix Freestyle). From 1985 to 2001 both competitions counted for the qualifier results, which were part of the world cup ranking for this season. Since 2002, only the Grand Prix Freestyle has counted for the world cup ranking.

Director:From 1985 to 2004 Joep Bartels was the director of the Dressage World Cup.

Sponsor:Reem Acra is the sponsor of the Dressage World Cup since the season 2010/2011.

Dressage World Cup Archieve

1985/1986-Anne Grethe Jensen on Marzog

1986/1987-Christine Stückelberger on Gaugin de Lully

1987/1988-Christine Stückelberger on Gaugin de Lully

1988/1989-Margit Otto-Crepin on Corlandus

1989/1990-Sven Rothenberger on Andiamo

1990/1991-Kyra Kyrklund on Matador

1991/1992-Isabell Werth on Fabienne

1992/1993-Monica Theodorescu on Ganimedes

1993/1994-Monica Theodorescu on Ganimedes

1994/1995-Anky van Grunsven on Bonfire

1995/1996-Anky van Grunsven on Bonfire

1996/1997-Anky van Grunsven on Bonfire

1997/1998-Louise Nathhorst on Walk on Top

1998/1999-Anky van Grunsven on Bonfire

1999/2000-Anky van Grunsven on Bonfire

2000/2001-Ulla Salzgeber on Rusty

2001/2002-Ulla Salzgeber on Rusty – 81.570%

2002/2003-Debbie McDonald on Brentina – 78.890 %

2003/2004-Anky van Grunsven on Salinero – 83.450  %

2004/2005-Anky van Grunsven on Salinero – 86.725%

2005/2006-Anky van Grunsven on Salinero – 87.750%

2006/2007-Isabell Werth on Warum nicht FRH – 84.250%

2007/2008-Anky van Grunsven on Salinero – 85.200%

2008/2009-Steffen Peters on Ravel – 84.950%

2009/2010-Edward Gal om Totilas – 89.800%

2010/2011-Adelinde Cornelissen on Parzival – 84,804%

2011/2012-Adelinde Cornelissen on Parzival – 86,250%

2012/2013-Helen Langehanenberg on Damon Hill NRW – 88,286%