Tewaaraton Trophy

Tewaaraton Trophy

Started Year
: 2001
: Lacrosse
Current Champion
: Men's-Lyle Thompson,Miles Thompson Women's -Taylor Cummings
: Frederick Kail

History Of Tewaaraton Trophy

The Tewaaraton Trophy is an award given annually, since 2001, to the most outstanding American college lacrosse player. It is the lacrosse equivalent of football's Heisman Trophy. The trophy is presented by The Tewaaraton Foundation and the University Club of Washington, D.C.. One trophy is presented to the top men's player, and one trophy is presented to the top women's player each year. The 2014 Awards Ceremony was held at the National Museum of the American Indian

Lacrosse is one of the oldest team sports played in North America and the award honors the Native American heritage of lacrosse in the name of its trophy, "Tewaaraton," the Mohawk name for their game and the progenitor of present day lacrosse. The Tewaaraton Trophy has received the endorsement of the Mohawk Nation Council of Elders. Each year, the award recognizes one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora tribes. 2010 celebrates the "Year of the Seneca."

The trophy is a bronze sculpture depicting a Mohawk native playing lacrosse. It was designed and created by Frederick Kail with the assistance of Thomas Vennum, Jr., a renowned Native American lacrosse historian and author, who consulted with Kail to ensure the trophy's historical authenticity.The 12-inch figure is mounted upon a hexagon-shaped slab of black granite and polished Cocobolo wood. The hexagonal base symbolizes the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and Tuscarora tribes. With some minor decorative exceptions, the stick is a replica of a pre-1845 Cayuga stick belonging to the grandfather of Alexander T. General of the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. This stick was an original predecessor of the modern-day lacrosse stick.

Tewaaraton Trophy Archieve

Men's Winner:

2001-Doug Shanahan

2002-Mike Powell

2003-Chris Rotelli

2004-Mike Powell

2005-Kyle Harrison

2006-Matt Ward

2007-Matt Danowski

2008-Mike Leveille

2009-Max Seibald

2010-Ned Crotty

2011-Steele Stanwick

2012-Peter Baum

2013-Rob Pannell

2014-Lyle Thompson,Miles Thompson

Women's Winner:

2001-Jen Adams

2002-Erin Elbe

2003-Rachael Becker

2004-Amy Appelt

2005-Katie Chrest

2006-Kristen Kjellman

2007-Kristen Kjellman

2008-Hannah Nielsen

2009-Hannah Nielsen

2010-Caitlyn McFadden

2011-Shannon Smith

2012-Katie Schwarzmann

2013-Katie Schwarzmann

2014-Taylor Cummings