WPA World Nine-ball Championship

WPA World Nine-ball Championship

Started Year
: 1990
: Pool (cue sports)
Current Champion
: Men's champions:2014-Niels Feijen,Women's champions:2014-Liu Shasha,Junior champions:2006-Wu Yu-lun,Mary Ann Rakin,Wheelchair champions:2014-Henrik Larsson

History Of WPA World Nine-ball Championship

The WPA World Nine-ball Championship is an annual, international, professional nine-ball pool (pocket billiards) tournament, founded in 1990, sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), and principally sponsored and organised by Matchroom Sport (who provide the event's official website, under the less specific name World Pool Championship). It is divided into Men's, Women's and Wheelchair Divisions, and is held in Doha, Qatar.


First World Nine-ball Championship:

The first World Nine-ball Championship was held in 1990. The event was organised solely by the WPA from this inauguration through 1999. In July 1999, Matchroom Sport attempted to get involved with the organisation of the event, but their bid failed. The WPA event was played in Alicante, Spain, and won by Nick Varner of the United States. Broadcast on ESPN, it was the first pro nine-ball championship to be televised. Matchroom, meanwhile, instead organised what it called the World Professional Pool Championship, a competing and non-WPA-sanctioned event in Cardiff, Wales, which was won by Efren Reyes of the Philippines.

Men's Division:

The event remained in Cardiff through 2003. In 2001, the number of competitors in the Men's Division was increased to 128 and a Men's Division first prize raisedto US$65,000.

The 2004 and 2005 events were held in Taiwan, with a Men's Division first prize of $75,000 as of 2004. The 2005 tournament saw two rules changes: Last-64 and last-32 matches were extended to race-to-10 format, and the pockets on the tables were narrowed, to make the game more difficult.

In 2006, the Philippines became the host country for two years. All matches became alternating-break all the way from the group stages to the finals. Men's Division first prize escalated to $100,000. In 2007, the event ran from 3–11 November, and Daryl Peach of the England was the victor. Because of the global late-2000s recession the championship did not reappear on the calendar in 2008; for some time neither Matchroom nor the WPA released any predictions regarding its reinstatement, and no 2008 event was held, either.

2010 WPA World Nine-ball Championship:

After this two-year hiatus, the tournament returned as the 2010 WPA World Nine-ball Championship, 18 July, in Qatar, and is expected to recur in Doha until further notice. Francisco Bustamante of the Philippines won the 2010 title.

WPA World Nine-ball Championship Archieve

Men's champions:

1990-Earl Strickland

1991-Earl Strickland

1992- Johnny Archer

1993-Chao Fong-pang

1994-Okumura Takeshi

1995- Oliver Ortmann

1996- Ralf Souquet

1997- Johnny Archer

1998-Takahashi Kunihiko

1999-Nick Varner

1999-Efren Reyes

2000-Chao Fong-pang

2001-Mika Immonen

2002-Earl Strickland

2003-Thorsten Hohmann

2004-Alex Pagulayan

2005-Wu Chia-ching

2006-Ronato Alcano

2007- Daryl Peach

2010-Francisco Bustamante

2011-Yukio Akagariyama 

2012-Darren Appleton

2013-Thorsten Hohmann

2014-Niels Feijen 

Women's champions:

1990-Robin Bell

1991-Robin Bell

1992-Franziska Stark

1993-Loree Jon Jones

1994-Sweden Ewa Laurance

1995-Austria Gerda Hofstatter

1996-Allison Fisher

1997-Allison Fisher

1998-Allison Fisher

1999-Hsin-Mei Liu

2000-Julie Kelly

2001-Allison Fisher

2002-Hsin-Mei Liu

2004-Ga Young Kim

2006-Ga Young Kim

2007-Pan Xiaoting

2008-Lin Yuan-Chun

2009-Liu Shasha

2010-Fu Xiaofang

2011-Bi Zhu Qing

2012- Kelly Fisher

2013-Han Yu (pool player)|Han Yu

2014-Liu Shasha

Junior champions:

1992-Hsia Hui-kai

1993-Hsia Hui-kai

1994-Jørn Kjølaas

1995-Huang Kung-chang

1996-Huang Kung-chang

1997- Christian Goteman

1998-Lu Hui-chan

1999-Lu Hui-chan

2000-Dimitri Jungo

2001- Brian Naithani

2002-Chen Ying-chieh

2003-Vilmos Foeldes

2004-Zhou Meng-meng

2005-Wu Yu-lun,Jasmin Ouschan 

2006-Wu Yu-lun,Mary Ann Rakin

Wheelchair champions:

1999-Bob Calderon

2000-Fred Dinsmore

2002-Jouni Tähti

2003-Henrik Larsson

2014-Henrik Larsson