FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships

FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships

Started Year
: 1986
: Freestyle skiing
Current Champion
: Men's events:Moguls-Anthony Benna,Aerials-Qi Guangpu,Dual Moguls-Mikaël Kingsbury ,Half-pipe-Kyle Smaine,Women's events:Moguls-Justine Dufour-Lapointe ,Aerials-Laura Peel,Dual Moguls-Hannah Kearney

History Of FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships

The FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships is the world championship organized by the FIS for Freestyle Skiing. It was first organized in 1986 and is now held every odd year. Currently, the events included in the world championships are Moguls, Dual Moguls, Aerials, Ski cross, Slopestyle and Half-pipe. Formerly, Acroski and a combined event were held.

FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships Archieve

Current events:

Men's events:


2009-Patrick Deneen

2011-Guilbaut Colas

2013 - Mikaël Kingsbury 

2015 Anthony Benna


2009-Ryan St. Onge

2011-Warren Shouldice 

2013 -Qi Guangpu

2015-Qi Guangpu

Dual Moguls:

2009-Alexandre Bilodeau 

2011-Alexandre Bilodeau 

2013-Alexandre Bilodeau 

2015 - Mikaël Kingsbury 


2009-Kevin Rolland

2011-Mike Riddle 

2013- David Wise

2015-Kyle Smaine

Ski cross:

2009-Andreas Matt

2011-Christopher Del Bosco 

2013-Jean-Frédéric Chapuis

2015 -Filip Flisar


2011-Alex Schlopy

2013- Tom Wallisch

2015-Fabian Bösch 

Women's events:


2009- Aiko Uemura

2011-Jennifer Heil 

2013- Hannah Kearney

2015- Justine Dufour-Lapointe 


2009-Li Nina

2011-Shuang Cheng

2013-Xu Mengtao

2015 -Laura Peel

Dual Moguls:

2009-Aiko Uemura

2011-Jennifer Heil 

2013-Chloé Dufour-Lapointe 

2015-Hannah Kearney


2009-Virginie Faivre 

2011-Rosalind Groenewoud 

2013- Virginie Faivre 

2015-Virginie Faivre 

Ski cross:

2009-Ashleigh McIvor 

2011-Kelsey Serwa 

2013-Fanny Smith

2015-Andrea Limbacher


2011-Anna Segal

2013-Kaya Turski 

2015-Lisa Zimmermann