Biathlon World Cup

Biathlon World Cup

Started Year
: 1977
: Biathlon
Current Champion
: Men Overall:Martin Fourcade, Women Overall:Darya Domracheva

History Of Biathlon World Cup

The Biathlon World Cup (BWC) has been held since the winter seasons of 1977–78 and 1982–83, for men and women, respectively (for women, the seasons through 1986–87 were called the European Cup, although participation was not restricted to Europeans).


The BWC season lasts from November–December to March, with contests in a different venue every week excluding some holidays and a couple of weeks before the season's major championships (World Championships or Winter Olympics). All in all, the season comprises nine to ten contest weeks, with events taking place from Wednesday–Thursday through Sunday. Relay competitions are held four to six times per season. Also counting as World Cup events are World Championships and Winter Olympics events.

Crystal Globe Trophy:

The athlete winning in the overall total score (i.e. total score for all disciplines) of the World Cup season is awarded the Big Crystal Globe trophy. A Small Crystal Globe trophy is awarded for the first place in the season total for each discipline. Hence, it is possible for an athlete to win both the Big Crystal Globe and Small Crystal Globes for the same World Cup season.


The tables given below provide an overview of the highest-ranking biathletes and nations of each WC season. For each event, a first place gives 60 points, a 2nd place 54 pts, a 3rd place 48 pts, a 4th place 43 pts, a fifth place 40 pts, a 6th place 38 pts, 7th 36 pts 8th 34 points, 9th 32 points, 10th 31 points, then linearly decreasing by one point down to the 40th place. Equal placings (ties) give an equal number of points. The sum of all WC points of the season, less the points from an IBU-predetermined number of events (e.g. 3), gives the biathlete's total WC score.

(From 1985 to 2000, WC points were awarded so that the first four places gave 30, 26, 24, and 22 points, respectively, and then the 5th to 25th place gave 21, 20, ..., down to 1 point. Before this, points were simply awarded linearly from 25 to 1.)

Biathlon World Cup Archieve

Men Overall:

1977–78Frank Ullrich

1978–79Klaus Siebert

1979–80 Frank Ullrich

1980–81 Frank Ullrich

1981–82 Frank Ullrich

1982–83 Peter Angerer

1983–84 Frank-Peter Roetsch

1984–85 Frank-Peter Roetsch

1985–86 André Sehmisch

1986–87 Frank-Peter Roetsch

1987–88 Fritz Fischer

1988–89 Eirik Kvalfoss

1989–90 Sergei Tchepikov

1990–91 Sergei Tchepikov

1991–92 Jon Åge Tyldum

1992–93 Mikael Löfgren

1993–94 Patrice Bailly-Salins

1994–95 Jon Åge Tyldum

1995–96 Vladimir Drachev¹

1996–97 Sven Fischer

1997–98 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

1998–99 Sven Fischer

1999–00 Raphaël Poirée

2000–01 Raphaël Poirée

2001–02 Raphaël Poirée

2002–03 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

2003–04 Raphaël Poirée

2004–05 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

2005–06 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

2006–07 Michael Greis

2007–08 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

2008–09 Ole Einar Bjørndalen

2009–10 Emil Hegle Svendsen

2010–11 Tarjei Bø

2011–12 Martin Fourcade

2012–13 Martin Fourcade

2013–14 Martin Fourcade

2014–15 Martin Fourcade

Women Overall:

1982–83 Gry Østvik

1983–84 Mette Mestad

1984–85 Sanna Grønlid

1985–86 Eva Korpela

1986–87 Eva Korpela

1987–88 Anne Elvebakk

1988–89 Elena Golovina

1989–90 Jirina Adamicková

1990–91 Svetlana Davidova

1991–92 Anfisa Reztsova

1992–93 Anfisa Reztsova

1993–94 Svetlana Paramygina 

1994–95 Anne Briand

1995–96 Emmanuelle Claret

1996–97 Magdalena Forsberg

1997–98 Magdalena Forsberg

1998–99 Magdalena Forsberg

1999–00 Magdalena Forsberg

2000–01 Magdalena Forsberg

2001–02 Magdalena Forsberg

2002–03 Martina Glagow

2003–04 Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée

2004–05 Sandrine Bailly

2005–06 Kati Wilhelm

2006–07 Andrea Henkel

2007–08 Magdalena Neuner

2008–09 Helena Jonsson2

2009–10 Magdalena Neuner

2010–11 Kaisa Mäkäräinen

2011–12 Magdalena Neuner

2012–13 Tora Berger

2013–14 Kaisa Mäkäräinen

2014–15 Darya Domracheva