FIS World Cup Trophy

FIS World Cup Trophy

Started Year
: 1987
: Alpine skiing
Current Champion
: Marcel Hirscher,Anna Fenninger

History Of FIS World Cup Trophy

Material-Full lead crystal

Refining process-Diamond cut

Weight/Height-3.2 kg (small trophy) / 46cm height

                        7.4 kg (large trophy) / 23cm height 

The FIS World Cup trophy is a trophy manufactured solely for the International Ski Federation. The trophy, unique in terms of the glass refining techniques used, is exclusively awarded to the FIS World Cup winners of each discipline at the Season Finals.

Manufacturing process:

The World Cup trophy is formed out of a 1200° hot, glowing, molten mass of glass into a raw form by the glass blowers, who sweat profusely during their hard yet highly artistic work. After cooling off for ten hours, the trophy is worked by the glass cutter, who, using diamond discs, cuts the unmistakable design of the snow crystals into the trophy. The FIS logos, the discipline and the sponsors are engraved into the glass with a unique technique kept strictly secret by JOSKA. The high quality standards determine which of several trophies is handed over to a winner or thrown back into the glass melt because of minute irregularities. The trophies are delivered in specially designed shipping cases.

About FIS:

FIS is the governing body for international skiing and snowboarding, founded in 1924 during the first Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. Recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIS manages the Olympic disciplines of Alpine Skiing, CrossCountry Skiing, Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding,including setting the international competition rules. Through its 115 member nations,more than 6’500 FIS ski and snowboard competitions are staged annually. Specific initiatives are undertaken by FIS to promote snow activities as a healthy leisure recreation, notably for the young. 

FIS World Cup Trophy Archieve

Men's Overall Champion:

2012,2013,2014-Marcel Hirscher 

2005-Bode Miller

2006-Benjamin Raich

2007-Aksel Lund Svindal

2008-Bode Miller 

2009-Aksel Lund Svindal 

2010-Carlo Janka

2011-Ivica Kostelic

2000,2001,2004-Hermann Maier 

2002,2003-Stephan Eberharter

1994-Kjetil André Aamodt

1995-Alberto Tomba

1996-Lasse Kjus

1997-Luc Alphand

1998-Hermann Maier

1999-Lasse Kjus 

1991,1993-Marc Girardelli 

1992-Paul Accola

1985,1986-Marc Girardelli

1984-Pirmin Zurbriggen

1981,1982,1983-Phil Mahre

1979-Peter Lüscher

1980-Andreas Wenzel

1976,1977,1978-Ingemar Stenmark

1974-Piero Gros

1971,1972,1973,1975-Gustav Thöni 

1969,1970-Karl Schranz

1967,1968-Jean-Claude Killy

Ladies' Overall Champion:

1971,1972,1973,1974,1975,1979-Annemarie Moser-Pröll 

2008,2009,2010,2012-Lindsey Vonn

1967,1968-Nancy Greene

1969-Gertrud Gabl

1970-Michèle Jacot

1971-Annemarie Pröll

1976-Rosi Mittermaier

1977-Lise-Marie Morerod

1978,1980-Hanni Wenzel

1981-Marie-Theres Nadig

1982,1984-Erika Hess

1983-Tamara McKinney

1985,1988-Michela Figini

1986,1987-Maria Walliser

1989,1994,1995-Vreni Schneider

1990,1991,1992-Petra Kronberger

1993-Anita Wachter

1996,1998-Katja Seizinger

1997-Pernilla Wiberg

1999-Alexandra Meissnitzer

2000-Renate Götschl

2001-Janica Kostelic

2002-Michaela Dorfmeister

2003,2006-Janica Kostelic 

2004,2005-Anja Pärson

2007-Nicole Hosp

2011-Maria Riesch

2013-Tina Maze

2014-Anna Fenninger