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ON page vs OFF page SEO

By deepti

Today, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) demand is very high. Because every one wants their business in top ranking over internet. There are two types of SEO 1. On page SEO 2. OFF page SEO What is..
2 years ago

Six Months industrial training in PHP

By deepti

In this article the costs and likely benefits of industrial training are compared, for the nation, for the individual, and for companies under the impact of levy/grant systems introduced under the..
2 years ago

The True Cost of Replacing Teachers with Computers

By Luisa Brenton

With several schools worldwide struggling to make ends meet while trying to comply with the demands of a highly technological education, many teachers are being replaced by computers. The argument is..
2 years ago

5 Fascinating Trends in Education Technology

By Daniela McVicker

Technology is shaping up today’s modern life with almost everyone owning a smartphone, the way it changes our everyday lives’ is inevitable. Technology is utilized in most of our daily activities from the workplace and even in education. In schools, there’s a certain division between educators..
2 years ago

Technology Integration in Classroom

By Zarahnitsa

1. Create clear instructions Students act like they know everything there is to know about technology, but they don’t. It is helpful to have clear instructions that you review, model and have accessible..
2 years ago

What is the future scope of Machine Learning?

Have you ever thought of a system which will read a hand written text and type it? Or a face recognition machine? A machine is anything that lessens human effort. The art of developing machine which does..
2 years ago

Online Gaming Portal for Schools

By Zarahnitsa

The Finnish-American games company TeacherGaming LLC, known for MinecraftEdu and KerbalEdu, is launching its own online games marketplace for schools. With the TeacherGaming Store, the company aims..
3 years ago
A2/89/Why Technology is Important in Education.jpg

Why Technology is Important in Education?

By Lavanya

Technology refers to the use of latest scientific equipment for practical activities such as carrying out observations, recording, analyzing and even data interpretation. Technology is a result of efforts..
3 years ago

Smart Phone Camera Turns into Thermal Camera

By Arthi

The Seek CompactPRO is a tiny gadget which turns your mobile phone camera into thermal imaging camera. The tiny device has to be plug into a charger port of smart phone. According to manufacturers, the..
3 years ago

Easy Conversion of 2D-3D by Mosketch

By Arthi

As of technology grows, the work load of human being decreases day by day. Animated pictures, 3D effects, 2D images fascinate everyone without any age difference. Even kids are also so much interested..
3 years ago

Microsoft Sets Goal to Reach 1 Billion Devices

By Arthi

Microsoft initially expected Windows 10 to reach a billion devices monthly in which the latest generation was released before a year. Windows 10 starts with powering beyond 350 million devices monthly..
3 years ago

Apple and Cisco United Together to Optimize the Faster..

Apple and Cisco are the two renowned companies now joined hands to provide a fastest WiFi network. They are involving in process to enable the users to make use of most effective WiFi network and prioritizing..
3 years ago

Memories Introduced in Snapchat

Snapchat introduced memories to relish the users by real time sharing snaps. By the venture of Memories, helps to save and share old snaps in a private archive with in the main app. With the help of this,..
3 years ago

World’s Largest Supercomputer without using US C..

The Chinese supercomputer has been declared as world’s largest supercomputer built with domestic chip technology. Recently, China concentrates in improving TaihuLight systems without using US semiconductor..
3 years ago

At WWDC 2016, Apple Reveal its Attractive Updated ..

Apple has revealed plans for upcoming years with enormous features and updating facilities to relish the users at WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), 2016. The announcement of Apple most prominently..
3 years ago


By Arthi

The Horizon Hobby Chroma in an venture level drone with crammed features. It has a chroma drone with stabilized camera and a controller with touch - screen display. The controller display is about 5½..
3 years ago

New App arrived to rejoice the Music Innovators

By Arthi app is an extraordinary app that provides the user to create music videos. It is an user friendly app. It was launched last year, but it grows fast about 80 million users around the globe. The..
3 years ago

E-learning meets the Digital India challenge

India is the second biggest e-learning market globally after the US, as per UK-India business Council report.The country’s education sector is undergoing a revolution, thanks to rapid internet penetration..
3 years ago

Digital Citizenship

Under digital citizenship parents and teachers educate their children and students on proper and effective usage of technology.  It covers many aspects like online guidelines, basics in technology,..
3 years ago

How to Empower Children in the Digital World

In this technological world everything has gone digital and people are much exposed to its usage irrespective of the age groups. Today it is quite essential for everyone to know the potential of the technologies..
4 years ago

Impact of mobile on students

Nowadays, every individual are carrying an extra organ in their body called mobile phones. With a wide range of technologies that have been developed so far, mobile phones become invincible and unavoidable...
4 years ago

Technology in Education

Technology is everywhere and it has great impact in our day to day life. With their greater presence now it has stepped into education field. Technology in the field of education is a powerful tool that..
4 years ago

Robotics world

By budapest

DFKI Robotics last week unveiled a prototype of the EO Smart Connecting Car 2. The tiny, two-seater electric vehicle operates much like a traditional car, but because each wheel is powered by its own motor,..
4 years ago

Impact of technology in the education field

In today’s world, technology has created a great impact among the students. Even small kids know how to operate technological devices and they are smarter than the adults. Children spend most of their..
4 years ago

Speech Visual Preview Activity

By Thiyagarajan

The Speech Preview Project: Developing more effective visuals for a presentation By Reed Markham, Daytona State College Can you imagine viewing a speech about a diesel engine without a visual aid?..
4 years ago