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Technology in Education

Posted On : 2015-06-16 15:08:34

Technology is everywhere and it has great impact in our day to day life. With their greater presence now it has stepped into education field. Technology in the field of education is a powerful tool that takes education to next level and prepare students to face the future. The teachers should encourage and appreciate students to move with technology and make them digitally literate.

Integration of technology in education will bring different learning styles and encourage collaboration and interaction among students and make them engaged through out the class. As we are more techno dependent, its quite essential to make students aware of technology and its usages. Students will be more excited and interested to know the new method of learning and love to study. Technology helps students in self learning and enable them to get easy access of updated textbooks which is very helpful, knowledgeable and this mode of learning is comparatively cheap and reduces the weight of carrying books.

Teachers can share their views and ideas online with their students and thereby enhance their teaching method. The students can immediately access abundant information relating to any search quickly. Teachers can create class blog using word press where they can post assignments, use computer for teaching visual subjects that enable easy learning to students and can also use some online study tools. In case if the class size is big, teachers can use wireless digital microphones as it transmit the voice and is audible to all students. Similarly teachers and students can use smart phones and interactive boards for learning purposes. Technology classrooms ideally make students more responsible and competent.


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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
4 years ago

now a days education is becoming very smart and technology based learning system, it is very easiest way to develop students knowledge.

4 years ago

In this modern era, it is no wonder how technology has been playing a major role in education. It leads to modern teaching which makes the student to have more interest in learning.


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