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Reasons To Become A College Professor

By Tara

Do you love academic life? Are you keen to pursue a life of learning in a subject that fascinates you? Why don’t you become a college professor? A career as a college professor isn’t for everyone...
3 years ago

How to be a good leader?

Being a leader is essential in every part of our life. If you want to become a good leader first you need to develop leadership qualities. Some people will have inborn qualities of a good leader but many..
3 years ago

Effectiveness of Leadership Skill

The leadership skill is the ability to influence people by means of personal attributes or traits to accomplish the goal. The ability to lead effectively is based on number of skills. To our perception, leadership is mainly concerned with individual competence or role. But it is not just the individual..
4 years ago

Positive Thinking Exercises

Positive Thinking ActivitiesBe Positive While TalkingAlways use positive words while talking to yourself or to others. When alone, engage yourself in inner dialogue. Keep saying ’I can’, ‘I will’,..
4 years ago