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How to be a good leader?

Leadership Skills: Author : Merlin
Posted On : 2016-01-12 17:56:49

Being a leader is essential in every part of our life. If you want to become a good leader first you need to develop leadership qualities. Some people will have inborn qualities of a good leader but many has the desire to become a good leader. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders so leadership qualities have to be developed from childhood. You might have seen children who take leadership in games that they play and in classroom activities. Parents and teachers should analyze them and support them in their path.

Now let’s know who are good leaders and the things to develop leadership qualities:-

Good Leaders:-

One who commands alone cannot become a good leader. You might have heard a saying by John C Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”Leaders have to know the path that they have to go, move towards the same and guide the team to move forward. They will share their experiences and help their followers to avoid the mistakes and problems that they faced in their journey. Positive and inspiring leaders who empower and develop followers are termed as good leaders. Great leaders are courageous and they never give up.

Developing leadership qualities:-

To become a good leader you need to follow the leader you admire, practice the things you lack, believe in yourself and learn new things every day. Be a positive role model, enthusiastic, confident, committed, tolerant, humble and creative. Listen to the suggestions of your followers and develop good relationship with them so that you can get the work done on time. You need to take a firm decision in critical situation analytically with a cool head and rectify the mistakes that had happened. Last but not the least, treat everyone equally without partiality.

When you develop these qualities you will shine as a good leader.


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3 years ago

This article is very useful. John C Maxwell's words is an inspiring one. Leadership qualities are necessary to do work and activities successfully.


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