World Gliding Championships

World Gliding Championships

Started Year
: 1936
: Gliding
Current Champion
: World Gliding Championships-Open:Michael Sommer,18 metre: Karol Staryszak,15 metre:Sebastian Kawa Women's World Gliding Championships-Club:Christine Grote,Standard: Sue Kussbach,15 metre:Anne Ducarouge Junior World Gliding Championships-Standard:Peter Millenaar,Club:Valentin Grit

History Of World Gliding Championships

The World Gliding Championships (WGC) is a gliding competition held every two years or so by the FAI Gliding Commission. The dates are not always exactly two years apart, often because the contests are sometimes held in the summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Olympics :

Gliding had been a demonstration sport at the 1936 Summer Olympics and was due to become an official Olympic sport in the Helsinki Games in 1940. However since the Second World War, gliding has not featured in the Olympics, and so the World Championships are the highest level in the sport. There are now contests for six classes of glider and so in recent years the Championships have been divided between two locations. The women's, junior, grand prix and aerobatic events are also held separately.

World Gliding Championships Archieve

World Gliding Championships:

1937-Open: Heini Dittmar

1948-Open:Per-Axel Persson

1950-Open:Billy Nilsson

1952-Open:Philip Wills,Two Seater:Luis Juez,Roberto Bermúdez

1954-Open:Gerard Pierre,Two Seater:Zvonimir Rain,Bozidar Komac

1956-Open:Paul MacCready,Two Seater: Frank Foster,Frank Foster

1958-Open:Ernst Haase,Standard:Adam Witek

1960-Open:Rodolfo Hossiger,Standard:Heinz Huth

1963-Open:Edward Makula,Standard: Heinz Huth

1965-Open:Jan Wróblewski,Standard:François-Louis Henry

1968-Open:Harro Wodl,Standard:Andrew Smith

1970-Open:George Moffat,Standard:Helmut Reichmann

1972-Open:Göran Ax,Standard:Jan Wróblewski

1974-Open:George Moffat,Standard:Helmut Reichmann

1976-Open:George Lee,Standard:Ingo Renner

1978-Open:George Lee,15 metre:Helmut Reichmann,Standard:Baer Selen

1981-Open: George Lee,15 metre:Göran Ax,Standard:Marc Schroeder

1983-Open:Ingo Renner,15 metre:Kees Musters,Standard:Stig Øye

1985-Open:Ingo Renner,15 metre:Doug Jacobs,Standard:Leonardo Brigliadori

1987-Open:Ingo Renner,15 metre:Brian Spreckley,Standard:Markku Kuittinen

1989-Open:Jean-Claude Lopitaux,15 metre:Bruno Gantenbrink,Standard:Jacques Aboulin

1991-Open:Janusz Centka,15 metre:Brad Edwards,Standard:Baer Selen

1993-Open:Janusz Centka,15 metre:Gilbert Gerbaud and Eric Napoleon,Standard:Andrew Davis

1995-Open:Ray Lynskey,15 metre:Eric Napoleon,Standard:Markku Kuittinen

1997-Open:Gérard Lherm,15 metre:Werner Meuser,Standard:Jean-Marc Caillard

1999-Open:Holger Karow,15 metre: Giorgio Galetto,Standard: Jean-Marc Caillard

2001-Open:Oscar Goudriaan,15 metre:Werner Meuser,Standard:Laurent Aboulin

2002-Club:Tomas Suchanek

2003-Open:Holger Karow,18 metre :Wolfgang Janowitsch,15 metre:John Coutts,Standard:Andrew Davis,World:Sebastian Kawa

2004-ClubSebastian Kawa

2006-Open:Michael Sommer,18 metre: Phil Jones,15 metre:Janusz Centka,Standard:Leigh Wells

2008-Standard:Michael Buchthal,Club :Matthias Sturm,World:Laurent Couture

2010-Standard:Sebastian Kawa,Club:Arndt Hovestadt,World:Laurent Couture

2012-Ope: Laurent Aboulin,18 metre:Zbigniew Nieradka,15 metre: Sebastian Kawa

2013-Standard:Sebastian Kawa,Club:Santiago Berca,World:Sebastián Riera

2014-Club:Eric Bernard,Standard:Bert Schmelzer,20m Multi-Seat:Steve Jones,Howard Jones

2014-Open:Michael Sommer,18 metre: Karol Staryszak,15 metre:Sebastian Kawa

Women's World Gliding Championships:

2001-Club:Tamara Sviridova,Standard: Sarah Steinberg,15 metre:Gillian Spreckley

2003-Club:Christine Grote,Standard: Cornelia Schaich,15 metre:Alena Netusilova

2005-Club:Hana Vokrinkova,Standard: Jana Veprekova,15 metre:Mette Pedersen

2007-Club:Gillian Spreckley,Standard: Sarah Kelman,15 metre: Kathrin Senne

2009-Club:Nathalie Hurlin,Standard: Sue Kussbach,15 metre:Susanne Schödel

2011-Club:Agnete Olesen,Standard: Sue Kussbach,15 metre:Susanne Schödel

2013-Club:Christine Grote,Standard: Sue Kussbach,15 metre:Anne Ducarouge

Junior World Gliding Championships:

1999-Standard:Gunther Stahl,Club:Robert Scheiffarth

2001-Standard:Jay Rebbeck,Club:Peter Toft

2003-Standard:Jeremy Hood,Club:Michael Streit

2005-Standard:Mark Parker,Club:Christoph Nacke

2007-Standard:Patrick Gai,Club:Killian Walbrou

2009-Standard:Felipe Levin,Club:Volker Sailer

2011-Standard:Felipe Levin,Club:Tim Kuijpers

2013-Standard:Peter Millenaar,Club:Valentin Grit