Marc Gagnon

Marc Gagnon

Nick Name
: N/A
:24 May,1975
:44 years, 3 months
:Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada

About Marc Gagnon

Marc Gagnon is a Canadian short track speed skater. He is a four-time Overall World Champion for 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1998, and winner of three Olympic gold medals.

Career Highlights:

  • Gagnon started his Olympic career in 1994, when he had already won the 1993 World Championships. He won a bronze in the 1000 m event. Four years later, in Nagano, Japan, Gagnon won a gold medal with the Canadian relay team. The 2002 Salt Lake City Games proved to be Gagnon's best Olympics, with a total of three medals. A bronze in the inaugural 1500 m event, and two golds; in the 500 m and again as a part of the relay team. Even his disqualification in the 1000 m was memorable, as it was the first of an improbable series of events that led to Australian Steven Bradbury winning arguably the most unlikely gold medal in Olympic history.
  • Winning a total of five medals in three consecutive Winter Games made him the most decorated Canadian athlete in Winter Olympic history until 2006. 
  • He has now been overtaken by long track speed skater Cindy Klassen and long track speed skater/road cyclist Clara Hughes, who each have a total of 6 medals. Tied with track and field athlete Phil Edwards and fellow short track speed skater François-Louis Tremblay,he is one of the five most decorated Canadian athletes in all Olympic Games.
  • Gagnon won his World Championships in 1993, 1994, 1996 and 1998. He is the first man to have become a four-time Overall World Champion. In addition, he finished 2nd twice, and third once.
  • In 2008, Gagnon was inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

Marc Gagnon Achievements

Gold Medal Records:

Olympic Games

  • Short track speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics 500 m 
  • Short track speed skating at the 2002 Winter Olympics 5000 m relay
  • Short track speed skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics 5000 m relay

World Championships:

  • 2001 World Championships1500 m
  • 1998 World ChampionshipsOverall
  • 1998 World Championships1500 m
  • 1998 World Championships1000 m
  • 1998 World Championships5000 m relay
  • 1997 World Championships1500 m
  • 1996 World ChampionshipsOverall
  • 1996 World Championships1500 m
  • 1995 World Championships1000 m
  • 1995 World Championships5000 m relay
  • 1994 World ChampionshipsOverall
  • 1994 World Championships1000 m
  • 1993 World ChampionshipsOverall
  • 1993 World Championships1000 m

World Team Championships:

  • 2001 World Team Championships Team
  • 2000 World Team Championships Team
  • 1998 World Team Championships Team
  • 1996 World Team Championships Team
  • 1995 World Team Championships Team

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