Daryl Peach

Daryl Peach

Nick Name
: Razzledazzle The Dazzler
:08 Mar,1972
:47 years, 5 months
:Castleford, England, United Kingdom

About Daryl Peach

Daryl Peach born 8 March 1972 in Castleford, West Yorkshire, EnglandDaryl Peach (born 8 March 1972 in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England) is an English professional pocket billiards (pool) player.

Mosconi Cup:

Due to his success in the World Championship, he was called up into the 2007 Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he took part in a controversial match against Earl Strickland, whose consistently disruptive behaviour during the match led Peach to brand the American the "scum of the Earth" in his post-match interview.


Daryl Peach defeated the Philippines' Roberto Gomez in 2007 to become the first English male to win the WPA World Nine-ball Championship (the woman's world championship having been won by England's Allison Fisher).His tournament nearly ended prematurely when his match against Filipino Francisco Bustamante had to be suspended, after Bustamante fluked a 3-9 canon to clinch the match. After over 20 minutes of examining replays of the shot by referees and tournament officials, it was shown that the cue ball had hit the 9-ball fractionally before the 3-ball, and was thus a foul. Despite the furor, Peach held his composure to win the match. 

Daryl Peach Achievements

List of Titles:

1995 Mosconi Cup

1995 World Pool Masters

2007 Eurotour German Open

2007 Mosconi Cup

2007 World Nine-Ball Championship

2009 Eurotour Portugal Open

2009 Lugo International Nine-Ball Open

2010 Eurotour Italian Open

2010 International Open 8-Ball

2010 World Team Championship

2012 Eurotour German Open

2012 Longoni Benalux Open

2013 Zagreb Open

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