Nachimi Itakura

Nachimi Itakura

Nick Name
: N/A
:17 Jun,1975
:44 years, 2 months
:Osaka, Gifu, Japan

About Nachimi Itakura

Nachimi Itakura is a Japanese female professional ten-pin bowler. She is a member of the Japan Professional Bowling Association, license no. 372.

Career Highlights:

  • In 1997, at the age of 22 years, she gave up her job when she was selected as a member of the Japan national team.
  • Between 1999 and 2000, Itakura competed in various professional and amateur tournaments. She competed in the NHK Cup Japan All-Star Championships. And, she became the first and only Japanese to win the AMF World Cup (2001).
  • Itakura became a professional in 2003, becoming the first bowler to enter the JPBA under a waiver, based on her success as an amateur, thereby bypassing the qualifying stages (usually, a bowler has to qualify via a series of difficult tests, which for many bowlers takes multiple years before they are successful.)
  • In 2011, Itakura-pro finished the JPBA season 24th in points (980), 19th in scoring average (206.21), and 24th in money with 784,000 yen.

Nachimi Itakura Achievements


1993 - 17th All-Japan High School Championship (winner)

1999 - 33rd Japan Invitational Bowling Championships (winner)

1999 - 12th All-Japan Ladies Tournament, Youth Division (winner)

2000 - 34th Japan Invitational Bowling Championships (winner)

2001 - 37th AMF World Cup (winner)


2003 - 35th All Japan Women's Pro Bowling Championship (winner)

2004 - 36th All Japan Women's Pro Bowling Championship (winner)

2005 - 27th Kansai Women's Open (winner)

2005 - Pro Bowling Ladies ??? (winner)

2007 - BIGBOX Higashi Yamato Cup (winner)

2010 - 26th Rokko Queens (winner)


2006 DHC Ladies Bowling Tour 2005/2006 - 5th-leg (winner)