Clara Guerrero

Clara Guerrero

Nick Name
: N/A
:22 Apr,1982
:37 years, 4 months
:Armenia, Bolivar, Colombia

About Clara Guerrero

Clara Juliana Guerrero Londoño is a Colombian bowler. She has won Colombian championships and multiple international championships in various competition categories. A bowler since her youth, she has a more than a decade of experience bowling with Team Colombia and another half dozen years of Junior Team Colombia appearances to her credit.

Career Highlights:

Internationally, Guerrero was chosen 2000 Woman of the Year in Quindio, Colombia, Best Athlete of the Year and Future Athlete of the Year. Other awards to her credit include a second place finish in the 2006 Women's Challenge, winner of the 2006 Panama Invitational, Colombian National Champion in 2002-05, Silver and Bronze medalist in the 1999 and 2003 FIQ World Championship and the Pan-American Games, Silver medalist in the 2000 AMF World Cup, and a two time World Champion in the 2009 Women's World Championships.

In 2003, Guerrero captured the bronze medals in singles and doubles event at the 2003 Pan American Games, held from August 1 to August 17, 2003 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 

Clara Juliana continued her success in international Competition with Team Colombia. She captured the Team Bronze medal at the 2003 World Championship in Malaysia with a world record.

Clara was crowned the 2005 World Ranking Masters Champion, a terrific feat when she defeated Wendy Chai from Malaysia, 2-1, in the best-of-three-game finals en route win the 2005 Women's World Ranking Masters at the Kegel Bowling Center in Lake Wales, Florida.

Guerrero, who won the Intercollegiate Bowling Championship title with Wichita State in 2005, took full advantage and shot a turkey to level the match. As the Colombian had chosen to start on the short oil pattern, the deciding match was back on lane 9.

Guerrero was elected as the 2009 Bowler of the Year. Clara Guerrero from Colombia achieved what experts believe to be a historic record by winning gold in both All Events and Masters in the 2009 Women’s World Championships in Las Vegas in August. 

In March 2010, Guerrero represented her country at the Juegos Suramericanos (South-American Games) held in Medellín, Colombia. She was the star and the queen of these games by winning 6 gold medals and a silver medal. She also made history with her teammates who captured 14 out of 15 gold medals in dispute. Guerrero beat her nearest competitor, Alicia Marcano from Venezuela by more than 200 pins.

On October 26, 2013, Clara became the third woman in history to make the TV finals for a standard PBA Tour event. (The PBA Tour was typically known as the "men's" tour, but began allowing female competitors in 2004, after the PWBA folded in 2003.) She earned the #4 seed for the stepladder finals of the 2013 PBA Cheetah Championship, joining Liz Johnson (2005) and Kelly Kulick (2010) who have also made the TV finals of PBA Tour events.

Clara Guerrero Achievements

  • 1999 FIQ World Championships, (Silver Medal), team event
  • 1999 Pan American Games (Silver Medal), team event
  • 2000 AMF World Cup, (2nd Place)
  • 2000 World Amateur Player of the Year, World Bowling Writers
  • 2001 FIQ American Zone Championships (Gold Medal), doubles event
  • 2002 World Amateur Ranking, (3rd Place)
  • 2002 Tournament of the Americas, (Gold Medal), doubles event
  • 2002 Colombian National Champion
  • 2003 Pan American Games, (Bronze Medals), singles event & doubles event
  • 2003 Colombian National Runner-up
  • 2003 Member of World Team Challenge Regional Champion
  • 2004 World Ranking Masters, Moscow, Russia (5th Place)
  • 2004 Colombian National Champion
  • 2005 Colombia National Champion
  • 2005 American Ranking Zone Champion
  • 2005 Member of Wichita State National Championship Team
  • 2005 World Ranking Masters Gold Medalist
  • 2004-2005 Ranked #1 in American Rankings
  • 2005 Colombian National Champion All Events
  • 2005 Member of Colombian National Team
  • 2006 Member of Colombian National Team
  • 2006 Second at Women's Challenge
  • 2006 Panama Invitational tournament Champion
  • 2007 Colombian Adult Championship (Gold Medal), Singles Event
  • 2007 Colombian Adult Championship (Silver Medal), Trios event
  • 2007 Colombian Adult Championship (Bronze Medal), Doubles Event
  • 2007 Colombian National Runner -up, All events
  • 2007 Exempt bowler on the 2007 - 2008 Women's Series
  • 2008 Quarterfinalist at the 2008 [ U.S Women's Open ]
  • 2008 7th at the Pepsi Viper Championship Women's Series
  • 2008 8th at the Chameleon Championship Women's Series
  • 2008 5th at the Cheetah Championship Women's Series
  • 2008 Colombian National Games Champion
  • 2008 Exempt Bowler on the 2008 - 2009 Women's Series
  • 2009 7th at the Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Championship Women's Series
  • 2009 Team Colombian Trials Champion
  • 2009 United States National Champion at the Women's USBC tournament, (Gold Medal). Doubles Event
  • 2009 5th at the Women's World Championships, (Singles Event)
  • 2009 All Events World Champion at the Women's world Championships
  • 2009 Guerrero posted the highest 3-game series ever in the history of the World Championships (World Record)
  • 2009 World Women's Masters Champion
  • 2009 Only women to ever have won the Women's All-Events and Masters titles at the World Championships
  • 2009 Guerrero posted the highest all events series in the history of the World Championships (World Record)
  • 2009 Doubles Champion at the Columbia 300 Vienna Open
  • 2009 Exempt Bowler on the 2009 - 2010 Women's Series
  • 2009 Juegos Bolivarianos 2 Time Silver medallist (Singles and masters)
  • 2009 Juegos Bolivarianos (Gold medal). Trios, Teams and Teams all events
  • 2009 Juegos Bolivarianos (Gold medal), all events
  • 2009 Colombian Athlete of the year
  • 2009 Female Bowler of the Year in the World
  • 2010 Introduced to the Hall of Fame
  • 2010 5th place Catalonia Open
  • 2010 Team Colombia trials Champion
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist, (Singles Event)
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist. (Doubles Event)
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist. (Team event)
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist. (Team all events)p
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist. (All events)
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Gold Medalist. (Masters)
  • 2010 Juegos Suramericanos Medellín 2010 Silver Medalist (Trios)
  • 2010 Queen of the Juegos Odesur Medellín 2010 (South-American Games) 6 GOLD MEDALS, AND 1 SILVER MEDAL

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