Harumafuji Kohei

Harumafuji Kohei

Nick Name
: N/A
:01 Jan,1970
:49 years, 8 months
:Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Debut On
:January 2001

About Harumafuji Kohei

Harumafuji Kohei (born April 14, 1984 ), previously known as Ama Kohei, is a sumo wrestler. He is a yokozuna, sumo's highest rank, receiving his promotion September 26, 2012, the third consecutive Mongolian and fifth overall non-Japanese wrestler to attain yokozuna status.

Regarded as a relative lightweight, Harumafuji is noted for his technical skill. He has won ten special prizes for his achievements in tournaments.

He began his professional career in 2001 and reached the top makuuchi division in 2004. In November 2008 he became the seventh foreign-born wrestler in sumo history to reach the second highest rank of ozeki. In May 2009, he won his first championship, winning the Natsu basho (May tournament). He has won overall six top division championships, three of them with a perfect record.

Harumafuji Kohei Achievements


6 (Makuuchi)

1 (Juryo)

1 (Sandanme)

1 (Jonokuchi)

Special Prizes:

Kanto-Sho (dare Dou tours), Fighting Spirit prize(1):

The kanto-sho to the wrestler who has most clearly fought tenaciously and to the best of his abilities

Gino-Sho (skill reward), Technique prize(5):

The gino-sho is considered the most prestigious, and is also the prize most often not awarded at all: in 1988, it was withheld for five tournaments in a row.However each award is worth the same amount of money, two million yen.

Shukun-sho,Outstanding Performance prize(4):

Typically the gino-sho is awarded to the wrestler who displays the most skillful kimarite, or techniques; the shukun-sho is awarded to a wrestler who defeats the yokozuna or the eventual tournament winner, or who otherwise displays outstanding performance relative to his rank

Gold Stars:

1 (Asashoryu)

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