Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher

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:24 Feb,1968
:51 years, 6 months
:Cheshunt, England, United Kingdom
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About Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher (born 24 February 1968) is an English professional pool and former professional snooker player.


Fisher grew up in Peacehaven, Sussex.She started playing snooker when she was 7. She won her first world title at the age of 17. To date, she has won over 80 national titles and 11 world titles in total. She even entered the men's snooker rankings, but never progressed into the sport's upper levels. Feeling that she did not receive the same respect as the male players, she moved to the United States to play on the pool circuit. On 18 March 2009, she endorsed the Delta-13 billiard rack and has her own signature series.

On 8 June 2009, Fisher was nominated to be inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.


Fisher did not take long to make her mark in the world of pool, winning only the second tournament that she played in. She has an unequaled record, winning 50 WPBA titles, which includes 4 world 9-Ball championships. Since her move, she has also been the highest-earning player on a number of occasions, which takes into account male and female players. Matchroom sports invited her to play in the Matchroom snooker league, and she was also invited to play in the Mosconi Cup 1994, when Europe lost 16:12 against Team USA.

The Duchess of Doom:

Fisher was nicknamed "the Duchess of Doom" and gained a reputation similar to that of the fifteen-time darts world champion Phil Taylor and snooker players Joe Davis, Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry in the 1930s and 80s–90s, respectively. Her greatest season was the 2000/2001 season when she won 8 consecutive major pro pool tournaments. In the 2005 season, Fisher was the highest earner, winning £111,000.

Player of the Year:

For 2007, she was declared the female Player of the Year by all three of the major pool publications, Billiards Digest,Pool & Billiard Magazine,and InsidePOOL Magazine(in each case with Shane Van Boening as her male co-recipient of the honor), and also ranked #1 in the P&B "Fans' Top 20 Favorite Players" poll for that year.She has been the BD female Player of the Year for 11 of the 12 years spanning 1996–2007, including 6 in a row, 2002–2007.

Allison Fisher Achievements


2013 Ultimate 10-Ball Championship, Women's Division (Runner Up)

2013 WPBA Masters (3rd)


2012 WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championship


2011 WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championship

2011 Ultimate 10-Ball Championship Women's Division


2008 WPBA San Diego Classic

2008 WPBA Great Lakes Classic


2007 US Open Nine-ball Championship (women's division)

2007 WPBA Classic Tour National Nine-ball Champion

2007 Florida Classic

2007 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)

2007 Pool & Billiard Magazine Player of the Year (female)

2007 Pool & Billiard Magazine Fans' Top 20 Favorite Players, #1


2006 WPBA Classic Tour National Nine-ball Champion

2006 WPBA Great Lakes Classic

2006 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)


2005 Amway Cup

2005 WPBA BCA 9-Ball Championship

2005 WPBA Carolina Classic

2005 WPBA Great Lakes Classic

2005 WPBA Midwest Classic

2005 WPBA U.S. Open

2005 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)


2004 ESPN Ladies Challenge of Champions

2004 WPBA Delta Classic

2004 WPBA Midwest Classic

2004 WPBA San Diego Classic

2004 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)


2003 WPBA Delta Classic

2003 WPBA Midwest Classic

2003 WPBA National 9-Ball Championship

2003 WPBA San Diego Classic

2003 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)


2002 Amway Cup

2002 Tournament of Champions

2002 WPBA Midwest Classic

2002 WPBA Players Championship

2002 Billiards Digest Player of the Year (female)


2001 Amway Cup

2001 Tournament of Champions


2000 BCA U.S. Open Straight Pool Championship

2000 Long Fong Cup

2000 Tournament of Champions

2000 UCC World Ladies Pro 9-Ball Tournament

2000 WPBA California Classic

2000 WPBA National Championship

2000 WPBA Villa Park 9-Ball Challenge

2000 WPBA Virtual Pool 9-Ball Challenge


1999 Billiard Congress of America Pro Open

1999 ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge

1999 ESPN Ultimate Shootout

1999 WPBA Arizona Classic

1999 WPBA Detroit Classic

1999 WPBA National Championship

1999 WPBA Players Championship

1999 WPBA U.S. Open


1998 ESPN Ultimate Shootout

1998 Tournament of Champions

1998 WPA World 9-Ball Championship

1998 WPBA Bay Area Classic

1998 WPBA Dallas Classic

1998 WPBA National Championship

1998 WPBA Philadelphia Players Championship

1998 WPBA San Diego Classic

1998 WPBA Twin Cities Classic


1997 ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge

1997 WPA World 9-Ball Championship

1997 WPBA Detroit Classic

1997 WPBA Los Angeles Classic

1997 WPBA New York Classic

1997 WPBA Philadelphia Players Championship

1997 WPBA Phoenix Classic

1997 WPBA Twin Cities Classic


1996 WPA World 9-Ball Championship

1996 WPBA Honolulu Classic

1996 WPBA Los Angeles Classic

1996 WPBA Nashville Classic

1996 WPBA National 9-Ball Championship

1996 WPBA New York Classic

1996 WPBA Orlando Classic


1995 WPBA Orlando Classic


1991 Mita/Sky World Masters Mixed Doubles with Steve Davis

1991 Mita/Sky World Masters Women's Doubles with Stacey Hillyard 

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