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Toothbrush - Invented by William Addis

William Addis-Toothbrush
: 1780
: United Kingdom
: Everyday Life

About Invention

Toothbrush is a kind of instrument which is used orally. The function of the toothbrush is to clean the teeth and other dust, unhygienic materials from our mouth and tongue. It consists of a handle which is kind of flat and a bit wider from a side. The bristles are attached with the handle on that flat part and it is used with toothpaste to cleanse the mouth. Toothpaste normally includes fluoride which is used for the shining of the teeth. There are a number of types of toothbrushes which includes from a simple to a wide variety of expensive toothbrushes. Toothbrush does not look like any big invention in the modern times when it is made through machines but it was worth important at those times.

William Addis is widely credited as the inventor of toothbrush which can be said as the simplest invention but the very important in today’s era.

Although it is believed that William Edward manufactured toothbrushes while his stay in prison, but lot of people criticize this viewpoint. According to them hand drills were not available in prison for digging the hole in brush so how is it possible that toothbrush was manufactured in prison without use of hand drill.

Modification in toothbrushes

In early times toothbrush hairs were made up of broom material, but later on with advancement animal’s hair were used. Other efforts were directed to improve the hygiene quality and level of comfort. Nowadays toothbrushes are available in different form and material for children, adults and elderly people.


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