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Prathap C. Reddy Padma Vibhushan Awarded In 2010

Prathap C. Reddy

Prathap C. Reddy

Award Name : Padma Vibhushan

Year of Award : 2010

Award for : Business & management

Location : Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India


Prathap C. Reddy is an Indian entrepreneur and cardiologist, who founded the first corporate chain of hospitals in India, the Apollo Hospitals Group. He was born in 1933 in Aragonda, Madras presidency, British India. He started on his mission for providing quality health care in India in the eighties. It is believed that he was spurred by his failure to provide critical care to a patient in the U.S. The patient died as a result. This incident prompted him to start world-class affordable health care facilities in India. He set up the first of a chain of Apollo Hospitals in India in Chennai in 1983. Dr.Pratap Reddy then started India's first hospital consultancy body-the Indian Hospitals Corporation. He consequently commissioned two more tertiary health centers in India. Dr.Reddy has been successful in attracting the cream of Indian medical doctors from developed economies like the U.S and U.K. For his efforts Apollo Hospital is recognized as one of the finest in the world-at par with the hospitals in the First World countries. Dr Reddy is now spreading Apollo Hospitals Group to other parts of Asia. The group opened its first clinic in Dubai in March 1999 and is coming up with projects in Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh, and Oman. Dr. Reddy is currently looking at secondary health centers in semi urban and smaller cities and has already identified 23 sites for the purpose. Reddy, a winner of the 1991 Padma Bhushan, received the Padma Vibhushan, which is India's second-highest civilian award in 2010. In a recent interview for the Creating Emerging Markets project at the Harvard Business School, Reddy explains how he navigated India's crippling bureaucracy to bring world class healthcare to the country.