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Purshotam Lal Padma Vibhushan Awarded In 2009

Purshotam Lal

Purshotam Lal

Award Name : Padma Vibhushan

Year of Award : 2009

Award for : Medical

Location : Moga, Punjab, India


Dr. Purshotam Lal is an Indian cardiologist and Chairman and Director of Interventional Cardiology of the Metro Group of Hospitals. He was born in 1954 in Moga. He specializes in Non Surgical Closure of Heart Holes (ASD/VSD) / Non Surgical Replacement of Valves and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Currently the Chairman and Director of Interventional Cardiology at Metro group of hospitals, Dr. Purshottam Lal, a pioneer in Interventional Cardiology, has the unique distinction of introducing the largest number of interventional techniques for the first time in the country. He is credited with performing the largest number of angioplasties/stentings procedures as a single operator in the country. After spending 15 years in the United States, Dr. Lal decided to come back to India and has since established 9 state-of-the-art hospitals with a mission to serve the poor. His guiding philosophy in setting up these hospitals has been that no patient should ever be returned for want of money.

Dr. Lal has been decorated with several prestigious awards, notable once being 2nd Jawaharlal Nehru International Excellence Award (1990), Rajiv Gandhi Excellence award (1991), Dr. V.V. Shah Oration Gold Medal by Cardiological Society of India (1992). He has awarded for Padma Shree in 1993 and Life Time achievement award by Delhi Medical association in (2002), Padma Bhushan in (2003), Dr. B.C.Roy National award (2005), and Distinguished Achievement award of highest order by the National Forum Of Indian Medical Association (2006-07), for performing the largest no. of Angioplasties/Stenting as a single operator in the country and as per 'Heal India' health magazine it is the largest number in the world as a single operator. He has contributed over one hundred of research papers, articles, chapters and authored a book 'Cause and Prevention of Heart and Disease'. He has been a member, central counseling of health and family welfare and member of Expert Committee for medical devices, Ministry of Health, Govt.