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Dickson Prize Award

Dickson Prize

Awards Type : InterNational Award

Organized Country : United States

First Award : 1969

The Dickson Prize in Medicine and the Dickson Prize in Science were both established in 1969 by Joseph Z. Dickson and Agnes Fischer Dickson.

The Dickson Prize in Medicine is awarded annually by the University of Pittsburgh, and recognizes US citizens who have made "significant, progressive contributions" to medicine.The award includes $50,000, a bronze medal, and the Dickson Prize Lecture. Receiving the Dickson Prize in Medicine is strongly correlated with receiving the Lasker Award and the Nobel Prize.

The Dickson Prize in Science is awarded annually by Carnegie Mellon University, and recognizes those who have "have made the most progress in the scientific field in the United States for the year in question."The award is dated by the year in which it was announced, which is often the year before the lecture occurs.

Award Organized By: University of Pittsburgh,Carnegie Mellon University