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Schools collaborate with parents for better quality of education

Updated On 2016-05-04 09:13:40 Education Trends

In an effort to boost the interest of students in school activities, some city schools are collaborating with parents to organise events, talks and interest groups. The school authorities say by involving parents, they are able to get a better understanding of students and a chance to bond with them.

GD Goenka Public School, Sector 48, organised several extracurricular activities and value education sessions for students and parents. One such session, ‘Sangeet for all’, gave parents and their children an opportunity to celebrate music together. The parents, in groups of five, participated in the music classes of students.

In another programme specifically organised for class 11 students, parents from different professions were asked to come and talk about their work life and their experience with children. The school said it helped students in getting first-hand information about different work profiles.

It is important that parents are involved with students in their education. The parents are role models for children and such collaborations improve the emotional bonding between them, Srishti Bajaj, school representative of GD Goenka Public School, Sector 48, said.

Even other schools such as Suncity World School, Ryan International School and Ridge Valley School have active parent-teacher groups and associations. At Suncity World School, the teachers organise a number of events that involve student-parent collaboration. Suncity school has an online form that can be filled by parents interested in participating in school activities. The school also organised a week-long reading program in which parents were invited to be a part of the class and understand the teaching-learning process.

“We have a number of activities and forums that allow parents to directly or indirectly participate in the learning process. It is crucial that parents are aware of their child’s education and understand the difficulties,” Rupa Chakravarty, principal of Suncity World School, said.

The principal of Ridge Valley School, Guneet Ohri, said, “At Ridge Valley, we have a very active parent-teacher association that is involved in all major decisions and initiatives of the school. Parents and teachers have regular meetings to create a comprehensive activity calendar and academic plan for the overall development of students. Even our Christmas carnival and other celebrations are led by parents. We are also planning to hold remedial classes for our students after school hours and parents will help mentor the children.”

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