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Infosys Foundation launches mobile science lab

Updated On 2016-02-26 10:17:48 Education Trends

Global software major Infosys' Infosys Science Foundation, along with the Agastya International Foundation, on Tuesday unveiled a mobile science lab to ignite curiosity, spark creativity and make learning interactive for students.

 "Our partnership with the Agastya International Foundation is an endeavour to introduce students to various educational concepts through imaginative and creative experiments. This will help open up vistas of learning that kindle curiosity in their minds," said Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) trustee Srinath Batni.

 Initiatives like mobile science labs will eliminate the existing vacuum in Indian education system which is suffering due to lack of sufficient infrastructure and limited access to experiential learning, he added.

Earlier, the ISF instituted "Gnanadeepa" programme to equip teachers and pre-service teachers with creative teaching abilities aimed at improving education system at the grassroots level. Since 2014, "Gnanadeepa" has been organising teacher training programmes in government schools in Karnataka.

 "The program aims to provide teachers with tools and methodologies to explain concepts innovatively, encourage curiosity, and promote experiential learning in classrooms. Last year the foundation trained 640 teachers from government schools across all 34 districts in Karnataka," said an ISF statement.

 In 2016, 567 teachers from Kodagu, Chamarajanagara, Kolar, and Tumkur districts have been trained along with 380 pre-service teachers (from B. Ed and D. Ed courses).

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