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Govt school teachers to be sent abroad for training

Updated On 2016-01-26 09:26:17 Education Trends

In a move to improve the teaching quality in government schools, the Delhi government has announced that school teachers and principals would be sent to reputed foreign institutions to undergo training.

"Principals and teachers in Delhi government schools will also get to undergo training akin to the way teachers in the best schools of the world are trained. 

For this, they can be sent to foreign universities, they can be sent to IITs, IIMsâ? teachers' training will be done in the best institutions in the world, so that they also feel that their training is being invested in," said Education Minister Manish Sisodia, according to an Indian Express report.

Citing the fact that "A teacher is a leader for at least 40 children", Sisodia stressed on the importance of leadership training for school teachers, as currently government school teachers at the State Council Educational Research and Training were only "getting to attend seminars".

The Education Minister said that while the government focused on the infrastructure improvement of government schools last year, improving the educational quality in Delhi government schools via teacher training would be given attention this year.

Government sources informed that the teacher training process would also implement exchange programmes, through which, foreign teachers would come to Delhi, while teachers and principals from government schools shall be sent to some of the renowned universities abroad.

"If the 23 government schools in Patparganj can become better than the private schools in the area, then I will consider my becoming an MLA of this area a success," said Sisodia.

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