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Digital Marksheets for CBSE Students

Updated On 2015-05-29 09:20:48 Education Trends

The students of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are likely to receive mark sheets and certificates in digital format as well along with hard copies which can be stored by them in their digital lockers, in a few months' time.

The government took steps to bring a revolution in education with its introduction of digital lockers on February 10. A data of over 1 lakh students using the locker was recorded.

People belonging to Madhya Pradesh (over 24,000), Uttar Pradesh (over 17,000) and Gujarat (over 13,000) have registered for this facility in heavy numbers. The introduction of digital lockers has invariably brought down the concept of carrying physical files or getting numerous copies attested.   

The Department of Electronics and IT has been working to bring the concept of digital lockers to issue not just the mark sheets but documents like PAN Card and Voter ID, so people could avoid running around for verification of the same documents time and again.

There are no particular qualifications required to open an account/digital locker. Any person who possesses an Aadhar card is eligible to open a locker for free.

Documents could be shared with others by email or clicking on the share option button.    

A system to accept documents online is also being devised.

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