Business Ethics: Foundation For Corporate Social Responsibility And Governance

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Business & Management
New Delhi/India
978 93 8458 813 7
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Ethics is beyond business. Ethical practices in the business and marketing activities sustain in the long run. There needs to continuous improvement, transparency, compassion, truthfulness and respect in business practices by the corporates.This book on business ethics and corporate governance has a mixture of concepts, opinions, perceptions and practices in the various activities of business. It contains research case studies and examples of various activities of business. It goes deeper into the realities based on research studies. The book presents blend of various corporates opinions, perceptions and practices on corporate social responsibilities, business ethics, ethical issues in marketing by concentrating on the factors such as product, pricing, advertisement and sales and distribution.The book will be useful for business management courses both for undergraduate and post graduate levels and also for senior level executive and corporate.