Personnel/human Resource Management: Text, Cases And Games

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In the last one decade the Personnel function has undergone rapid changes. Increasing use of the term ‘Human Resource Management’ in place of Personnel Management is itself symbolic of this trend. Over the years, the human resource function has enriched itself by including within it a development dimension and thus moved itself from a reactive-oriented function to proactive oriented function. Given this trend, most of the books on Personnel Management have become outdated as they still talk about the traditional personnel function rather than the new human resource management functions. The Present books provides comprehensive coverage to a vast growing discipline – well supported by a wealth of research data collected from multifarious sources, patiently and carefully. A remarkable feature of this book is that it provides extensive coverage to HRD concepts. Real life cases taken from a wide variety of organizations enrich the contents further. The book contains a number of informative tables, summary boxes and useful diagrams. It is also liberally sprinkled with current illustrations and examples designed to convey the information in an uncomplicated way. The exercises and cases given at the end of each chapter will certainly help teachers to keep the interest of students alive all through the course.