Changing Paradigms Of Management Dynamics

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Business & Management
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Changing Paradigms of Management Dynamics includes articles, research and conceptual papers, cases from various academicians, corporate professionals, research scholars and students. The broad theme of the book is convincingly appropriate in the present scenario where organizational and individual values play a pivotal role in shaping the future.The book is devoted to examining some key dimensions of management dynamics. It throws light on various aspects of business management like marketing, human resource management, information technology, international business, financial management, knowledge management, talent management, rural management, wealth management etc. Management theory has also moved forward, and in some cases has become well-established practice in the corporate world. The book offers this relevant view of management in a way that has a logical flow of content, succinct and clear in its writing style, rich in real-world examples, and remains focused on the role of managers.The book will be helpful in developing, serving and sustaining business houses, management students, researchers, entire corporate fraternity, institutes, policy makers and all concerned stakeholders of effective management dynamics