Ayurvedic Meteria Medica For Domestic Use

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Nursing, Health & Social Work
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This treatise presents a clear and correct description of the nature, symptoms, causes, distinction and most approved treatment of the diseases to which the human frame is liable. The author tries to lay before his reader a just and clear view of the nature of the different maladies treated of, and the best and most manageable remedies for the relief of pain and irritation, and the cure of disease. In every case, the Head of Treatment has received the greatest attention, because it is the most important; and under this division the plan or plans of management which are generally applicable to the particular malady treated of, and which are the most certain of success, in the majority of cases, have in general been first laid down, and afterwards almost every other useful remedy has been described separately so that the user will find a determinate mode of treatment, of general and superior efficacy detailed under each malady for which he may be desirous of prescribing.