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Chris Toumazou European Inventor Award Awarded In 2014

Chris Toumazou

Chris Toumazou

Award Name : European Inventor Award

Year of Award : 2014

Award for : Invention

Location : London, England, United Kingdom


Chris Toumazou is a British Cypriot electronic engineer.In 2013 he became London’s First Regius Professor of Engineering conferred to Imperial College during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Toumazou is also Chief Scientist of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Professor of Circuit Design at Imperial College London; founder of Toumaz Holdings Ltd, CEO and founder of DNA Electronics Ltd. and Chief Scientific Advisor to GENEU.He has been involved in developing new technologies and in medical research, creating a medical research institute and three commercial ventures to commercialize his research. 

In particular Toumazou invented and licensed Portable and Rapid Semiconductor Genome Sequencing which has now become a multibillion dollar industry. One of his motivators was the diagnosis of his 13 year old son with end stage kidney failure through a rare genetic mutation.He has worked on applying silicon chip technology to biomedical and life-science applications, most recently to DNA analysis. Amongst his key inventions was that of semiconductor based DNA sequencing for his inventions on semiconductor based genetic testing he won the 2013 Gabor Medal of the Royal Society and European Inventor Award (2014).


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