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Artur Fischer European Inventor Award Awarded In 2014

Artur Fischer

Artur Fischer

Award Name : European Inventor Award

Year of Award : 2014

Award for : Invention

Location : Tumlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


Artur Fischer (born 31 December 1919 in Tumlingen, Black Forest, Germany) is an inventor.He registered his first patent in 1949 for a Photo Flash Light, with synchronised trigger. From 1957 he concentrated more on fixing elements.He invented flash light photography as he saw an issue with the previously used magnesium flash. Stories say that he wanted to have pictures taken and the photographer denied as the magnesium could have enflamed the wooden roof.He won European Inventor Award 2014 in the category Lifetime achievement  for his wall plug, synchronised flash and many more.


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