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How to overcome exam results anxiety?

Self Confidence: Author : Saravana
Posted On : 2016-05-14 12:04:25

Hi friends  I know most of your are eagerly waiting for exam results. It may be any sort of exam but the anxiety level is same. As the results date nears the anxiety level also increases. So what can you do to deal  with anxiety.

  1. The anxiety arises when you think deeply of something  . Do not think the mistakes that you have done in the exam and loop the exam events again and again in mind.
  2. What have been done is done and it can be erased by going through time . Focus your mind on solving problems.
  3. Make sure the results day and conform the mode in which you are going to get it. It will lower your pressure that you have in result day.
  4. Spend time with positive people and friends who make you comfort. Create positive thinking  and hang with creative and active people. Engage in games and fun.
  5. Identify and remind yourself your strength and don't make your negative thoughts to catch hold of you.
  6. Create three sort of plans like Plan-1,Plan-2,Plan-3. Make Plan-1 for if you do as well or better than you need to in your exams. Make Plan-2 for if you do worse than expected but not terribly. Make Plan-C for if the worst.
  7. They are just results of a exam and not life. Most of the top billionaires are school and college drop outs. You can easily rewrite the exam and get better results. All are not same and especially by means of talent. Everyone will have  their own unique talent.

 So throw all anxiety and just be prepared for the results with a problem solving calm positive mind and thoughts. All the best for all students awaiting for exam results. 


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