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Increase your self confidence level

Self Confidence:
Posted On : 2014-12-18 16:55:16

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings" - Samuel Johnson

Self-confidence is an attitude of an individual it varies according to their situation. People who are self-confident trust in their own ability, they have general ability to control their believes and lives. They will expect only real thinks which is one of the extremely important  characteristics for every individual person in their lives. People who have self-confidence will be admired by everyone and also inspires others.

Some of the ways to build self-confidence are dress sharply, walk faster, maintain good posture, make eye contact, personal commercial, gratitude, compliment other people, sit in the front row, speak up, work out, focus on contribution, avoid perfectionism, get good at some time,  positive mindset, bounce back from mistakes, etc. 

Wearing clean and good cloth give confidence to you. It changes your way completely and it also helps you to interact with other people. Awareness about latest trends is also important. Basically people who have self-confidence walk quickly. If you walk 25% faster you look and feel more important to other people. Practicing good posture makes you confident automatically and also it impress other people instantly. Some of the good posture are maintaining eye contact, standing up straightly and keeping your head up. 

One of the best way to avoid dwell your weakness is to be consciously focusing on gratitude. You should be grateful for your past successes, unique skills, loving relationships and positive momentum and compliment to people around you. When you have negative thinking on others it will spoil all your work so get the habit of praising people. Sit in front of the row in any place like school, office and public assemblies, it helps you to build your self-confidence level. 

Speak at least one time in every group discussion, because it increases your confidence level. If you continue do this, there is a chance for you to become a public speaker one day. Personal appearance and physical fitness also gives you self-confidence. Working out will improve your physical appearance and also will be useful to energize yourself. Over perfectionism makes you unhappy with your circumstances. If you are concentrate on over perfectionism then your self confidence level also will be decreased. 

Another best way to improve your self-confidence is simply find in what you are good at and keep improving it. This could be educating a foreign language, playing keyboard, painting,etc. Whatever it is, make it a habit of spending at least a few hours for a week.  Making a mistake does not mean that you are not capable for anything if you are ready to bounce from that it will increase your self-confidence level. 


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4 years ago

Self confidence is the most important thing that every individual has to develop to reach their goal. Thank you for shared valuable tips to increase the level of self confidence.


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