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Mariappan Thangavelu - India's Pride

Play and Games: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2016-09-14 18:10:46

I am very proud to write article about Mariappan Thangavelu who made our nation India pride.

We Indians came to know about youngest Indian high jumper gold medalist and India’s pride Mr.Mariappan Thangavelu, a 22 year old physically challenged person only when he created a history and made our nation India pride by winning a gold medal in the men's high jump T-42 event at the Rio Paralympics 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His burning desire to achieve something in life despite of his disability and passion towards the game enabled him to win this gold medal.

Thangavelu at Rio Paralympics 2016:-

Mariappan Thangavelu qualified for Rio Games after clearing a jump of 1.78 meters in March 2016. He made a leap of 1.89 meters to get the gold medal. He is the India’s first gold medalist in Paralympics high jump. With his brilliant performance he has touched and won many viewers hearts.

Do you want to know about this enthusiastic player? 

About Mariappan Thangavelu:-

Thangavelu was born on 28th June, 1995 in Periavadagampatti village, Salem district, Tamil Nadu. He is from a poor family with two brothers and one sister where his mother is a vegetable seller. He has completed Business Administration (BBA).

Mariappan Thangavelu lost his right leg below knee in a bus accident at the age of 5. In his school days he love to play volleyball but he was encouraged by his physical education teacher to try high jump. His deep determination made him to keep on trying hard for achieving success. 

At the aged of 14, he placed second among a field of able-bodied competitors in his first competitive event, which made him to receive strong encouragement from his classmates and others in Salem district. 

His Coaches:-

K. Elamparithi, Salem SDAT coach was the person who fine tuned Thangavelu in high jump. He said that earlier Mariappan participated and won in school and inter-collegiate events. After Elamparithi changed Mariappan’s high jump technique from belly roll to finsbury Flop his performance started climbing up along with the pole height. Thangavelu is punctual, disciplined and never worried about getting wound during his practice as stated by his coach K. Elamparithi.

Coach Satyanarayana first noticed Mariappan’s performance at the Indian national para-athletics championship in 2013. He formally trained and coached him by bringing him to Bengaluru in 2015 for one year. He said that as Thangavelu was the top-ranked jumper in the world and he was not surprised by his performance. But recording the best jump in a major competition is not easy.

Mariappan Thangavelu’s effort, determination, desire, discipline, punctuality and support from his coaches/family/friends enabled him to taste the fruit of success.

My heartfelt congrats to Mariappan Thangavelu on behalf of Edubilla team. Achieve more......Wish you a great future ahead... Way to go...


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