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Importance of play and Games

Play and Games:
Posted On : 2015-02-03 17:08:38

Play is a lifelong skill that builds and satisfies curiosity, reduces stress, improve our thinking and enhance the energy level. In general, kids have an innate sense of play and desire to play and it is all about spontaneity, discovery and creativity.

Playing games is fun for children. It helps the children to develop their speech and language abilities, listening skill, social interaction, competence and also increase their understanding about self and others. It also improves children’s cognitive, physical and psychological skills.

There are different types of plays that represent these skills are Imaginative play, physical play, expressive play, symbolic play, onlooker play, solitary play, dramatic play and many more that develop the children in all domains. Imaginative play and role-playing are particularly powerful kinds of play that helps to develop mental ability in more functional and positive ways.

Children are not machines, we cannot simply add more fuel and speed them up. They should neither be burdened with books nor be allowed to play with gadgets. Parents should give time and encourage the children towards outdoor adventures like running, climbing, finding secret places, using sticks, mud, twigs, etc. This will refresh their mind and make them think sharply and smartly.


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3 years ago

Best note is given by this article.playing games are one of the stress relief to student.Team management also grow.

3 years ago

Playing games is necessary for all children as well as the elders to refresh themselves and do their work without stress. If the children is playing ,without any doubt she/he must be more effective in studies.

4 years ago

Games are very important for students to make them strong both physically and mentally. Also it makes them active. Thank you for sharing this article it helps to know more about the sports and games benefits.


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