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Importance of coach in Sports or Education

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Posted On : 2016-09-20 12:05:58
Be it sports or education, both the arenas require grit, determination and discipline! From the first vowels that you learnt to the first time you scored a goal on the basketball court, there was always a hand backing you with all its might! A coach is someone who’ll give you more than you can ask for. For you, it might be an individual venture, but what your coach seeks is perfection; not for himself but for his disciple.

In sports one cannot thrive without the guidance of a strong support, someone who chides you when you make mistakes and supports you when you feel low. Athletes need that kind of a figure to look up to who can make them realise the power of discipline and dedication. It takes a blend of gritty determination and roaring confidence to slap someone on their back and push them into the arena!

A coach instructs an athlete, brushes up his skills and makes him full of courage and confidence. They are responsible for training the sportsman; they can make a man out of a person! Playing a sport is something which can change your life and that spirit can be instilled in you only if the pair of hands guiding your back has a firm grip on the field itself!

The shades in the role of a coach vary from dark to light hues. A coach is a friend, mentor, facilitator, chauffeur, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, fact finder, assessor, motivator, counsellor, organizer, planner and an incessant fountain of knowledge.

Whether it comes to academics or sports, every novice needs motivation. Every time you fail a test, your coach will guide you along the points where you went wrong. Be it studies or sports, a good teacher or instructor always finds the best and most impressionable methods to teach his students. Whether you learn your lesson the hard way or the soft way, it is worth it if you’ve learnt it well.

A coach creates the best possible atmosphere for learning and always finds examples, real-life instances, and words to inspire you! Motivation goes a long way in boosting an athlete’s or a student’s confidence and that’s where your coach will never leave you alone! Motivation builds enthusiasm and drives away all the negative energy that stops one from giving their hundred percent.

A good coach-learner relationship pays off really well in the long term! A coach assists athletes to get ready for training programs, communicates efficiently with his disciples, lend a helping hand to learners to develop new skills, use grilling assessment tests to keep an eye on the training progress and predict the athlete’s performance.

Every challenging task requires an extraordinary person to train! For achieving results, one needs to put adequate efforts and an able guidance by someone who is efficient as well as proficient: A good coach!

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