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Five sports that sharpen your mind

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Posted On : 2017-02-01 10:30:52
Sports have an immense impact on one’s mental as well as physical heath. Playing a sport greatly uplifts ones positivity and greatly boosts the confidence of a person. Every sport needs mental agility and quick reflexes. Whether you’re jostling within the paintball arena or splashing across a large pool, every sports activity requires you to be both mentally as well as physically involved.


When it comes to naming a sport which can make one both agile and sturdy, swimming will come first. Regarded as one of the best activities for keeping one’s entire body in good health; swimming has also been proven as an excellent sports activity for keeping our mind sharp. It involves the coordination of all body muscles and our brain to keep the body buoyant and balanced above the surface of water. Our brain continuously communicates with our brain to keep it informed about the surroundings. A swimmer needs to keep his actions quick; working the entire body in the process. Swimming results in a perfect mind and body combination for an individual.


Although Golf is perceived as a calming and relaxing sport,it actually requires a lot of mental and physical activity. It takes a lot of strength to drive a ball down a course. As it also involves a lot of walking, it is beneficial for one’s health and the fact that golf requires a lot of attention from the part of the player, it is equally mentally challenging as well.


Hockey calls for complete alertness of one’s mind and body. Every single hit can alter the course of the match. Because of its great popularity as an adrenaline boosting sport, it has evolved into a number of forms including Ice Hockey. The usage of legs and core muscles for maintaining balance on the surface of ice while mentally reading the course of one’s moves proves it to be a great exercise for the mind. Players have to move really fast across the field and instil as much wise spurs as possible.


Another highly competitive sport which calls for both strength and agility is Paintball. It’s a widely popular game where players attack their opponents very cleverly and strategically. Paintball requires the players to overcome a number of obstacles laid down in their path in order to reach the enemy camp, which in the turn involves a lot of creative thinking to hide and seek within the arena. While getting a good workout in the process, players have to use several unconventional methods of thinking and planning for attacking opponents while navigating the course.

5.Martial Arts

A sport which has numerous benefits ranging from positively channelizing one’s aggressive energy in a healthy manner to concentrating and thinking fast to overpower the opponent, Martial Arts has emerged as one of the most popular training skills. It involves a lot of training and practice, only after which one can understand the right moves to overpower his opponents.

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