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why graduates can't go for farming?

Education trends: Author : S.Manikandaprabhu Sivagnanam
Posted On : 2016-07-12 17:18:44
The Education system, career and lifestyle are the three major things that blows a gong for a graduate.We are incorporated in a society where we should study for marks, get hired in a white collar job and earn millions and trillions per annum.
Do you think this lifestyle suits the graduates of India?
The Indian graduates are wondering round the world to earn a lot . But, why cant they afford to our occupation. Agriculture has been the backbone of India and it is diminishing day by day, minute by minute, second by second. This is a shame truth that we are loosing our credibility & integrity for a short termed sophisticated life. 
A short descriptive scratch :- 
We are seeking foreign countries for our income. But they are seeking India for their lives. We are earning money and they are earning lives. This short descriptive scratch is well enough to know the incredible value of agriculture. 
Agriculture in India has the huge opportunity to bloom out with colours. In a deep, doing agriculture business involves less investment when compared to the sophisticated business in the world. But its damn sure that Agriculture business will definitely give a best ROI in a long. 
India has various types of soils like Alluvial soil, red soil, black soil etc... that supports the growth of rice, kharif crops, rabi crops , sugar cane etc...
To be more precise, the graduates should involve in farming and implement their technical skills to develop Agriculture in India. 
Remember, once Agriculture is lost, the Culture of India is lost . Let the graduates of India go for agriculture and preserve our culture. 
                                                  Agriculture is not a word, its a divine occupation!!!

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