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Why to choose job oriented course after 12th?

Common category: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2016-05-23 17:09:42

After the completion of 12th std there are many more opportunities available for the students. Whatever you study, the main aim behind that is to get a job. Similar to the conventional degree courses, the non-conventional degree courses also has the power to offer excellent job opportunities. These are mostly short-term, diploma or certificate courses which can be completed within a certain time period at a reasonable budget. Hence, many students prefer to choose these job oriented and skill oriented courses.

Skill oriented courses are mainly designed for the students who are unable to afford for pursuing a degree and for those who are in a situation to get a job as soon as possible. The benefits of these courses is that it consumes only a less time period, helps you to obtain practical knowledge and ensures job after the completion.

Understanding its importance, many universities and colleges have taken steps to make the degree courses more technical and practical which will be a job oriented one. If you can afford, you can also study these courses as a part time after college timings in addition to your degree as it increases your value and enables you to compete in the job market.

Job oriented courses:-

Some of the skill based courses are web designing, graphic designing, VFX and animation, hardware and networking courses, hotel management, mass communication, corporate training, cutting, tailoring & dress making, garment making, fashion designing, stenography, rexine and leather bag making, batik printing, knitting, toy making, hair and skin care training, secretarial practice, electronic mechanics, draughtsmanship, banking and accounting, information and communication technology, study of languages and event management courses.

Factors to consider before choosing a job oriented course:-

Before choosing a job oriented course it is important to evaluate your skills, interests, strength and weakness to carry out the particular course, do research on the current trends in the job market that can help you to earn high income, check whether the course offers internships opportunities immediately after completion, consider the training costs and ensure that the institutes you are about to learn provides authentic certificates.

Job-oriented courses enable you to get a identity once you finish the same. Choose the one that suits you and make your career worthwhile.


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