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Class room Management

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Posted On : 2015-02-03 16:57:19

The Class room management is mainly concerned with creating safe and comprehensive environment to all students. It is directly linked with children academic results, their behavior and teacher’s efficiency too. 

A sound class room management creates an atmosphere where the student gets large scope for learning and also teacher can save much of their time, effort and energy while teaching. The main objective of class room management is to bring control over the class room thereby improving the efficiency of both student and teacher.

An efficient class room management should have consistent discipline, a mentor who is knowledgeable with regards to all activities carried in the class room, establish the daily routine regularly and clearly, reinforce positive behavior, resolve the grievances calmly, praise the students for their excellence and treat all students equally giving equal importance. This kind of environment consistently fosters creative and imaginative skill among the students.

Thus, we can say an effective class room management is the key factor in teacher’s profession. Where their teaching will reflect on students and serve as a base for their future life. They should propagate a love for learning and success.


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3 years ago

Nice article explaining class room management. Teacher should change the classroom as students friendly environment.


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