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Mahathma Gandhi's Honesty and Prudent Life

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Posted On : 2016-01-28 18:03:27
Once Mahathma Gandhi came to Tamilnadu and have been welcomed and made him to stayed in Lalgudi, Trichy Dist.
He came here to preside a meeting in Madurai. In Lalgudi he was requested to stay in House of a Big Farmer. There lost of people came and see him and paid money for the congress independence revolution.

After all the happening when Mahatma is alone A maid working in the house ask him, for what the people are giving money.( she is a poor lady worn a Saree that have nearly 50 tear and holes).
Mahatma replied that the funds are spending for meetings, stay and travel and for food for members participating in this revolution.

The maid think a second and gave a 1/4 Anna( holed coin in the past year 6 paisa) to Mahatma.

Mahatma questioned what for you are giving this? The lady replied this shall be used for the cause what you have said. Let me also be a part of it.

Mahatma accepted and questioned what for this money you have?

Lady said, This money i have it for getting milk for my baby.

Mahatma asked what you are going to do now for milk, as you have already given the money to me.

The lady replied, one day let we be in hunger, tomorrow i will do take food for me and feed milk for my daughter.

Next Day Mahatma Traveled to Madurai and preside the meeting.

At the meeting Mahatma explained to the public that" I have got more than Rupees 1000 yesterday and that all i have given to account with the person who is taking care of this accounts.

I humbly request my people to give permission to keep this 1/4 Anna(6 paisa) that is given by a poor maid. This money will remind me every single penny is got from poor of this nation. So that this thought will make me to reduce and monitor unnecessary spending.

So kindly permit me to have this money with me. The public and members permitted with a great heavy weighed heart.

For holding 6 paisa of public money Mahatma requested the public.

Nowadays majority of Politicians don't know how much public's money they have in India and how much in other countries and in Switzerland bank.

With out honesty in people and in government no country will grow and no peace will be there.

My friends Grandfather told me this incident that happened and he is one who is a member of Indian Mahatma congress and be there during this incident.

Everything is possible.- Dr.K.K Svasam soft

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Dr K.Karthikeyan

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