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Know about Tamil Literature

Common category: Author : Merlin
Posted On : 2015-07-10 17:40:40

The rich Traditional Tamil literature is fading day by day. As Tamilians we are supposed to know its importance and we have the responsibility to revive the Tamil literature.

Many are striving hard to bring Tamil as the primary language in the schools of Tamilnadu which have other language as the primary one as if now. In order to revitalize the Tamil literature the epic stories are produced in the form of movies and serials.

To access the past we need to have interest on knowing the same. Just talking about the renovation of Tamil literature will not do any miracles rather we have to take some initiatives and work accordingly.

How many of us know about the five great epics of Tamil literature –Silapathikaram, Manimekalai, Seevaga sinthamani, Valayapathi and Kundalakesi? We would have learnt these in our school and college days, but do we remember that!!!!

Children of this generation are prone to technological devices and are interested to learn foreign languages. If this situation prevails then our history will be buried. We have to make this young generation to know about the past.

Now each and everyone have to think, what are the steps we can take to rejuvenate the diminishing Tamil literature in this modern world?

Make use Technology in a useful way for enriching Tamil literature.  There are many Tamil websites and several groups in social media networks that have pages related Tamil literature. You can view the posts and exhibit your thoughts there.

Edubilla – The Global online education portal with its enthusiastic team has taken a great step to renew the Tamil literature by means of displaying it in the webpage and flipbooks.

Let’s join the crew in getting back the valuable Tamil literature.


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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
4 years ago

Tamil language is main reason for came a some other state languages like Malayalam, kannadam, telugu is most oldest language since there is 20000 years ago...

Mani kandaprabhu
Mani kandaprabhu
4 years ago

Its been very interesting to read the epic Tamil literatures back. Reading it online offers an immense pleasure too.

4 years ago

Tamil language is said to be the oldest language in the world. Tamil literature is one of the greatest in the world as the morals and stories in the literature shows the high value of ancient Tamil people and taught us to live the moral life.


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