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How to Learn Math’s

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Posted On : 2015-01-20 10:26:14
Math’s is one of the most hated subjects among students. Since the significance and usage of maths on all aspects of daily life is not known to many of us.

First of all throw all hatred on maths. You can't learn anything without interest or love on a subject.

Math’s can't be memorized, nor be understood just by hearing or seeing solved problems.

The one and only way to learn math’s is by practicing it. Practice maths in a daily basis.

Take daily notes in class properly. Collect and write down formulas in a separate note by chapters.

Try to solve the problems solved in class again in home by yourself. Memorize formulas in a daily basis.

Start Solving Exercise Problems from your book. If you have doubt refer solved answer book or don't hesitate to ask your professor.

Revise every chapter after finishing an unit.

Read and play basic math games in internet and increase your level step by step. Gradually your solving skill will increase without your knowledge.

Now try to solve aptitude question and answers.

You can do magic with math when you love it.

Practice will not just make a man perfect. It will also make your math perfect. So practice and practice to excel.
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