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How to crack X and XII board exams?

Common category: Author : Merlin Vimal
Posted On : 2017-02-10 17:38:47

Dear Students,

Kindly don’t become stressed thinking that board exams have come near rather realize that it’s the time for you to prove the effort you made all through the year. Keep in mind that these days are to revise what you have studied earlier and train yourself to perform your level best in exams. You can also learn certain things but do it without more trouble.

Here are few preparation tips to crack your board exams:-

* Confidence is the most important one, you need to have. So, be confident that you can do it and obtain good marks in exams.

* Keep a disciplined routine time to wake up and sleep. Remember the saying early to bed and early to rise.

* Prepare an exact time-table for exam preparation with perfect planning.

* Make sure that you are preparing for exams according to the syllabus.

* Allow your brain to relax by taking frequent breaks in between your study.

* List down the major and sub-topics and start segregating the things you have studied well, in an average manner, slightly, not even touched and on which you are weak.

* Allocate more time for the subjects that are tough for you.

* Concentrate on the subjects and chapters that you are weak in. If you keep on trying surely it will become easier for you.

* Revise the topics twice or thrice and make short notes of the concept as this will enable you to remember things. 

* Practice mock question papers and check your ability to write legibly within the time given.

* Eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and have an adequate sleep.

When you follow these step, you will be able to crack your board exams easily.

All the best!!!


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